Easter in Year 4L

On Wednesday 10th April, my class went on Purple Mash and we had to research about Easter. Here are some facts I found out:

That it is important to have Hot Cross Buns because if you realised it has a cross on top to represent Jesus.
Easter eggs are involved in Easter because it represents the symbol of new life. ( Personally I like MALTESERS egg.) 9.5kg of chocolate is sold each Easter.
On Easter Sunday, loads of people go to church to celebrate Easter with their family. Usually on Easter Sunday, there is a Holy Communion.
At some schools they do different traditions . For example they could be painting eggs, doing Easter mosaics with colour code and many more activities.
Easter is a very important celebration to some Christians.

Did you know that in France helicopters fly over people’s gardens and pour eggs from the sky!
Please comment back and tell me what you did at Easter!
Have a good Easter!!

By Alena 🙂

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  1. Aleksandr says:

    In Easter I had quite a big egg and it was delicious! I also wonder what other people did in Easter and I hope everyone had fun

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