Maths – constructing 3D shapes

Today we have enjoyed building 3D shapes out of cubes and artstraws!

We looked at the difference between cubes and cuboids, even though they have the same number of features, and we focused a lot on the 2D shapes that make up the faces of 3D shapes as we built.

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5 Responses to Maths – constructing 3D shapes

  1. Alena says:

    Today in Miss King’s we did the same like Mrs Thompson. I was in partners with Brooklyn. Me and Brooklyn found it very hard to make a cube and a cuboid with straws and blu tack . I enjoyed learning 3D shapes with Miss King.

  2. Morrall says:

    It looks like you all had a fun time constructing your 3d shapes. Ben really enjoyed this Maths lesson and came home telling his Mum, Dad and big brother all about it 🙂

    • Mrs Thompson says:

      I’m glad he enjoyed it so much – the children got lots of great discussion about shapes and their features out of this lesson.

  3. Brooklyn says:

    I enjoyed making 3d shapes out of straws making the cube was the best part.

  4. Oliver L says:

    I really enjoyed crafting the 3D shapes out of straws. My favourite part was using blue-
    tac to connect the straws together!

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