Maths at Greater Depth

At Oxford Grove, are working hard this year to help lots of children work at Greater Depth in maths. One way we are doing this is by helping them to tackle reasoning problems.

Have a go at these problems, Year 3T! Tell me your answers in the comments below:

  1.                                                             2.
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7 Responses to Maths at Greater Depth

  1. Alena says:

    I know what the answer is Mrs Thompson.
    In jar B there is 200 sweets
    I know this because 200is in between 235 and 175

  2. Alena says:

    It is false
    Because there isn’t 6 hundreds 1 ten but there is 5 ones
    Alena 3T

  3. Miss Harvey says:

    Great maths investigations.

  4. Thomas says:

    In Mrs mcphails maths we have been learning number bonds and addition. We have liked using cubes and number lines

  5. Lewis says:

    I was good at doing the drums it was amazing . We all was so good Mr bamford said we was outstanding. Mr bamford was amazing .

  6. Sarafraz says:

    I like maths with mrs mcphail and mrs Morris. I like playing splat using my number line

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