How We Are Trying To Improve

Every year, our school chooses key priorities to help our school get better. This year, one of the areas we want to improve is how we use our English and Maths skills in other subjects and across our curriculum.

Today, we have started working on this already as part of our new History topic! We have been applying our maths skills and ordering 4 digit numbers so we could create a timeline of dates of important events and achievements of the Ancient Civilisations.

Mrs Morris’ group have been applying their reading skills and using some of our non-fiction guided reading books to compare and contrast key features of the Ancient Civilisations.

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9 Responses to How We Are Trying To Improve

  1. Alena says:

    We used these 4 books for our topic lesson. These 4 books were called Ancient Sumer, Ancient Egypt,Indus Valley and Shang Dynasty. Learning about this is very fun. We learnt a lot about this. All the books were very interesting Mrs Thompson. Writing about this is very good. The two I found most interesting was Ancient Egypt and Shang Dynasty.
    Alena 3T

  2. Eshal says:

    The books in our topic are about Ancient Civilisation books. I will always try my best on
    my work it is fun in lessons. Thank you Mrs Thompson for all the lessons Eshal

  3. Hayden says:

    I love things about the past!Definitely like ancient Egyptian things.I would like to learn about how they built things in those days.Please can we learn more about ancient Sumer i have not learned much about that yet.

  4. Hayden says:

    I would want to be an amazing explorer when I get older!Please may we have some more lesson’s for shang Dynasty and ancient China.I am looking forward to learning about ancient Greek in year 4.I love the fore books we are looking at.

  5. Hayden's Grandma says:

    At the Kingdom Hall we have learnt that the ancient Egyptians had the Israelites in captivity and were very cruel to them, due to the fact they were strong and multiplying , the Bible tells us that God later sent his faithful servant Moses along with his brother Aaron to ask the Pharaoh to allow his people to go out into the wilderness to celebrate a festival and to make a sacrifice to Jehovah. By Hayden’s Grandma

  6. Sana says:

    I like topic because we read books and we right things about acient summer and we right some other facts about shang dynasty but we right about other things to

  7. Aleksandr's mum says:

    We love learning about Ancient Egypt! It can be a great idea to go to the Bolton Museum to find out more about this topic.

    • Mrs Thompson says:

      Hi Aleksandr’s mum! We have already asked Bolton Museum, but unfortunately they are not taking school visits on at the moment because they are refurbishing their Egyptian collection. But we will let you all know when it is back open!

  8. Thomas says:

    This lesson is exciting.

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