This week, we have talking about the different types of families people may have. We have read different books focusing on how it is important to understand that lots of people have different types. People may live with their two mums, two dads or a mum and dad etc.

Who do you live with?

We have talked about how it is important to be aware and tolerant of different family types.

At Oxford Grove, we have received the Stonewall award which we are going to be renewing in the future! We are proud to be a school who has taken part in this and received this fabulous award. Throughout the year, we are going to be doing lots more work on different areas of stonewall such as gender identity!

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Football vs Homophobia 2019

Today, we had an assembly and workshop all about homophobia! We have talked all about how we should be challenging discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in football.

We took part in an activity where the girls were sent to the back of the room and Miss said that girls were rubbish at football. We discussed how this was wrong and how we need to be aware that just because of our gender we cannot discriminate people.

Another area we talked about was stereotypes. We looked at what this means and gave some examples of this. Can you tell me what it means and give me some examples?

What did you learn from this workshop?

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Being a good friend!

At Oxford Grove, we pride ourselves in being kind to each other and ensuring that we are good friends! We have been working on this recently and have been choosing someone every day to receive an award for being a good friend. We are looking out for children who are helping each other,  being kind and going the extra mile to be a good friend. Miss Harvey is looking for those children who have received this award continuously to receive an even bigger prize!

Have you won the good friend award?

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Science in 5K!

This term, our new topic in Science is all about Materials and their properties. So far, we have learnt about different types of properties?

Can you tell me some properties of materials and what they mean?

Today, we are going to look into different scientists who have discovered materials and their properties. Tell me about a scientist you have learnt about today.

Keep watching out for our Science posters…coming soon!


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NSPCC workshop!

Today, the NSPCC came into school and delivered a workshop all about staying safe and speaking out. We looked at different scenarios and talked about whether they were okay or not. We looked into different types of abuse and different forms they could come in.

Can you remember any types of abuse?

we then talked about a number children can read if they feel they need to speak to someone about a situation. Can you remember that number?

We then watched a film about a boy who was neglected and had to look after himself? What did you notice in the film? How was the boy feeling?

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The Wreck of the Zanzibar!

Image result for the wreck of the zanzibar


Can you summarise in your own words what has happened so far in the chapters you have read today?

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This morning, we have been to a brilliant workshop with A-Life where we learnt all about eating healthy and being active.

We were put in groups of four and then we had half an hour to explore all the different stations around the room. Each station had a challenge and lots of information about different aspects like our body, teeth and food and drink.

Which was your favourite station?

This afternoon, we then took part in a circuit fitness session where we worked on different exercises like jumping on a trampoline and boxing. What other activities were there?

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KS2’s amazing Christmas show!

Over the past two weeks, we have been working together to create a fabulous Christmas show. Year 5 have been learning a song called Wise men from lands afar! We even added some actions. Our scene was all about the wise men travelling to Bethlehem to see the new baby king. We even had five angry guards protecting King Herod’s palace. The show turned out to be absolutely amazing and lots of parents came to watch. It brought a tear to the teacher’s eyes!

Well done everyone!

Image result for jesus nativity scene

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We have been focussing on friendship recently because Miss Harvey has introduced a new reward for children who are showing that they are a good friend. In 5K, we award our good friend seat cover at the end of each day to someone who has been kind, thoughtful and positive throughout the whole day. Any teacher walking into the room can see who these amazing children are straight away!

Who has been given the good friend award already?

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Greek Textile Workshop!

Today, year 5 and 6 had a fantastic Greek Art day where a specialist art expert came into school to help upper KS2 create a fab piece of artwork that links into Year 6’s Topic – Ancient Greeks.

In year five, we spent all day creating a Greek design on a piece of card which we then engraved into to some foamboard. The patterns we created them showed up on the foamboard. We used the foamboard to print the patterns we had created onto pieces of cloth.

Take a look at some of our class taking part in the workshop:

What did you learn?

What was your favourite part?

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