Street Child by Berlie Doherty

Can you summarise what we have read in chapters 9 and 10? Pick out the key points.
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Geography in 5K!

This term, we have loved doing our Geography topic of comparing the UK to the USA in North America. We started off by recapping what we already know about how the world is divided looking at the continents, oceans, hemispheres and tropics. Can you name any of these?

We then moved onto focusing on North America looking at how the continent is split up with a main focus on the USA and its 50 states.

We took a road trip through the states and ended up in Manchester, New Hampshire. We soon realised we also have a Manchester in the UK and decided to compare the two.

For the final part of our topic, we looked at National Parks in the UK and in our guided reading sessions, we also found out there are National Parks in North America too. Can you name of these National Parks?

Take a look some of our fabulous work below!

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Anti-bullying workshop

This afternoon, we had an anti-bullying workshop where we discussed reasons why people nay choose to bully. We then brainstormed the feelings that people may feel if they were being bullied but also how the bully may be feeling. Afterwards, we focused on relationships and the different family types that exist today. We discussed the differences but also focused on what was the same about them. The key message was how happiness is the most important thing. We discussed how we must accept people’s choices and always be kind and open your hearts to all different types of relationship. Remember, don’t judge and be yourself!



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Sports Assembly

This afternoon, we had our annual sports assembly which was led by Mr Ralph. We took part in lots of different races and worked well in our teams. The afternoon consisted of running and relay races, egg and spoon and lots of different obstacle races. We had so much fun taking parting and getting stickers for doing an amazing job. Lots of us earned smileys as well for our impeccable behaviour. It was lovely to see us trying our best in all the races and cheering on our team mates.

What was your favourite race?

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Today, we had a virtual assembly which spoke to us about what we can do support our mental health and wellbeing during these difficult times. The assembly gave us lots of coping mechanisms to help us think positively and feel mentally healthy. During the assembly, we took part in sometimes that made us think about how we were feelings and how we can help one another with our feelings. The presenters talked us through ways to express our feelings. Can you remember what different things you could do it? What else did you learn today?

Miss King

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PE in 5K!

This term, we have been taking part in the School Games Bolton Mile virtual competition. We have ensuring we run a mile each week in our PE lesson. Our PE teacher, Miss Makin, has ben recording our times and seeing if we can improve over the term by building our fitness up.

As it is coming to the final few weeks, we have been presented with our class certificate to reward is for all the effort we have put into this competition. Well done Year 5! We are looking forward to hearing who is rewarded with the first, second and third place certificate for the times we have achieved.

Well done everyone for taking part and trying to beat your personal best every week. What has been your fastest time?

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What should we share online?

Today, in our computing lesson, we have been discussing what information we should and should not share online. Sharing information online can be very useful but sometimes it can be dangerous.

Can anyone think of something that might be dangerous to share online?

Who can we contact if we see something we isn’t appropriate online?

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Spanish in 5K!

This term, we have started learning Spanish and have a new Spanish teacher who comes to teach us every week. With Miss King, we have also been learning a Spanish counting song to help us remember our numbers. Here is the link:

Can you count to 10 in Spanish?

What else have we learnt?

See the source image
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How can we help someone who is being bullied online?

Tell me how we can help someone who is being bullied online. What should they do? How can they get help?

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Maths in 5K

This week, we have been looking at adding and subtracting large numbers. For this, we use the column method. First of all, we started by looking at some fluency questions and then moved onto looking at applying our knowledge to reasoning problems.

We also love to use our Maths area to recap our knowledge of place value that we learnt at the start of the term.

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