Poppy workshop!

Today, we took part in a Poppy workshop reflecting on why we have Remembrance Day each year. Can you remember why we celebrate this day?

We had to remember some key words and actions and whenever Jimmy said these words, we had to do that action. For the remembrance, we had to stand with our arms behind our back making sure we were listening. When he said enlist today, we had to point like we were recruiting people to come and fight in the war.

We learnt a song that they sang during the time of WW1. Can you remember the name?

What happened one Christmas during WW1?

After that, we split into two groups and learnt a poem all about getting people excited to go to war. We added actions and performed our poems using expression.



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Maths in 5K!

This week, we have been learning a new multiplication method. We have been working on long multiplication multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits and moving onto 3 digits by 3 digits as our challenge.

The children have been working really hard practising this new method. Here is a WAGOLL below.

Can you solve these calculations using the written method for long multiplication?

23 x 15 =

34 x 17 =

72 x 14 =

23 x 24 =

34 x 27 =

43 x 27 =

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DT in 5K!

This term in 5K, we have started our new DT topic which is all about textiles. Can you remember  the definition of this work? We have been designing and creating a talking textile. This is a story board of the story Theseus and the Minotaur. We have each designed our part of the story and are going to create it using different fabrics and sewing them together.

Next lesson, we are going to work on learning different types of stitches. Can you name any you already know?

What is the purpose of our talking textile? What does this topic link to that we have already learnt about?

Image result for theseus and the minotaur

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Autumn One’s Smiley Reward

Today, we were visited by TEACHREX. We learnt all about the dinosaur, T-Rex. We discovered that they had a  brilliant sense of smell which help them find their prey. Can you remember what dinosaurs are? Another fact we learnt was that they had a very strong jaw with a bite force of 4000 kilograms (which is the same weight as a large African elephant sitting on your head). Wow!

After playtime, we had our own special workshop where we got to be involved in making our very own movie where we would be running from a T-Rex. We thought of abstract nouns to describe how we  would be feeling, verbs to describe what we are doing and adverbs to describe how we would be moving.

We linked English to our workshop and creating sentences with expanded noun phrases and adverbs to upstage our writing.

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Our Science Day!

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Art in 5K!

This term, we have been looking at a mosaic artist called Martin Cheek. We have linked our Art topic to our History as the Greek created mosaics as well. After designing our own mosaics using inspiration from our artist and the Greeks, we then took part in a workshop creating our own class mosaic which will be displayed in the corridors.

Take a look at our art workshop.

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Sports Afternoon!

This afternoon, we had our Sports Assembly! We took part in lots of different races trying to earn first, second, third or fourth place. We really enjoyed it and our parents got to come and watch!

Take a look.

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History in 5K!

This term in 5K, we have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks! We even did our class assembly about it!

Can you tell me some facts about the Ancient Greeks?

We were lucky enough to have a workshop come into school to help us learn even more. During the workshop, we enjoyed looking at the armour and clothing from Greece, sketching different Greek artefacts and even playing some Greek games. Take a look at our fabulous photos.

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Our Class Assembly – All about the Ancient Greeks!

Today, we presented our class assembly to KS2 and our parents. Our assembly was all about the Ancient Greeks. We told everyone all about the most influential Greeks, what they have contributed to today’s life and all about the Greek Gods. We even took part in Greeks got talent! Can you remember who is the King of the Gods? Who was trying to steal his crown?

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Maths in Year 5!

This week, we have been using the short written method for multiplication! It is really important that we know our times tables to help us multiple and divide larger numbers.

We have been learning lots of times tables songs and playing games such as around the world to help us remember our times tables facts.

Can you tell me some times tables rules we have learnt or any songs we know?

You can practise your times tables at home by playing the games on MyMaths or having a go at hit the button on your computer, iPad or phone!

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