Sports Assembly

This afternoon, we had our annual sports assembly which was led by Mr Ralph. We took part in lots of different races and worked well in our teams. The afternoon consisted of running and relay races, egg and spoon and lots of different obstacle races. We had so much fun taking parting and getting stickers for doing an amazing job. Lots of us earned smileys as well for our impeccable behaviour. It was lovely to see us trying our best in all the races and cheering on our team mates.

What was your favourite race?

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6 Responses to Sports Assembly

  1. 0272015jh1 says:

    The sports assembly was really good it was the best sports assembly ever.

  2. 0272015jh says:

    I really enjoyed the sports assembly and had lots of fun racing and i am surprised I beat one of the fastest people in year 5 and came first place and i am proud of myself for being able to do it. By Jack Hornby

  3. 0272015qs says:

    I felt so energetic i did not want to go home . I just wanted to play more . I wish we could play outside.

  4. 0272015mm says:

    I really enjoyed the sport assembly.I hope everyone had fun. Well done to everyone.

  5. 0272015fs says:

    This was fun sports assembly I cam first every time and I came 2 and 3 once.

  6. 0272015bn2 says:

    Even though I didn’t get lots of first places I had fun doing the especially the egg and the spoon one.

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