What should we share online?

Today, in our computing lesson, we have been discussing what information we should and should not share online. Sharing information online can be very useful but sometimes it can be dangerous.

Can anyone think of something that might be dangerous to share online?

Who can we contact if we see something we isn’t appropriate online?

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18 Responses to What should we share online?

  1. 0272015mm says:

    Something online which you can send is your nickname on games e.g. minecraft. Something that you shouldn’t share online is a picture of your face. It is ok if it is private or if it is shared with your family. You should make sure that you can trust the person that you send the photo to.

  2. 0272015bn2 says:

    Don’t ever send someone your photo. Example bob could be a nickname for a social media like fortntite,minecraft,tiktok and Rocket league. If you take a photo make sure no one is in the background and if there is don’t post it on the social media without there permission. As evidence someone called joe sent picture to his friend and his friend send it to someone else and it went viral without even Joe’s permission! On games if you have to put a photo just put a drawing or a toy. If you make a video and put it on social media put a emoji over your head or just don’t a put it on social media. If you take a picture make sure you are not wearing your school uniform because then people will know where your school.

  3. 0272015ma1 says:

    If you don t’ like what is going online you could contact
    NSPCC for advice.

  4. 0272015jh1 says:

    You should not share your face,house,street and school that you go to.You can share avatars,Disney photos, cat videos, dog videos and you can share funny emojis.You can tell your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or your brother and sister.

    Make sure you stay safe online.

  5. 0272015ow says:

    Do not share your password, street, school and your home. Do not put a picture of your face on the phone.

  6. 0272015ec says:

    You can only share avatar for your picture. You can share Disney and funny thing like cats and dogs.

  7. 0272015ek says:

    You should share funny cat and dogs ,butterfly picture.

  8. 0272015oh says:

    You should not post a picture of you on Facebook Twitter because people you don’t know can find you and edit you picture. You should not share your house or your address because people can come to your.Do not say what you are doing like when you are on holiday then someone will know you are not home and break into yours your street.You should share what school you go to because they can come to your school and pretend to be your parents and don’t tell your name. You can share cat or dog because it could be a funny thing like a joke but make sure you don’t be offensive and you can do emojis.

  9. 0272015rl1 says:

    If your sharing your picture like maybe on Snapchat make sure your sending it to someone that you trust like friends who you know and if your making profile make sure you make it private.

  10. 0272015fi says:

    You should not share your face , address , street , school , location , do not tell your full name to anyone. You can jus share Aviator , Emoji or your pets . But do NOT share your face. You can tell your teacher parent older brother or sister. Don’t even do the game we’re we have to do our avatar

  11. 0272015fp says:

    You should not share your pictures and you should not put your house number.

  12. 0272015jh says:

    You can share some things but most things you should not ever share . Things you can share are: Your avatar picture that is like a cartoon character, pictures of funny things as long as the person gives you permission, and emojis. Things that you can’t share are: your face, your house the street you live on, and the school you go to. I have no social media because personally I think it’s just a way for people to find things out about you that you don’t them to know. As well we shouldn’t even have them because we are too young.

  13. 0272015ia says:

    We can’t share things like your password, address, face, house, school and Email (personal information). Things you can share are like avatar pictures, Disney pictures, funny pictures and emojis. If you share inappropriate things like body parts strangers can bully you and do worse even at school.


  14. 0272015sn says:

    You can share the Cat,Dogs and are you not share the streat,cars,school.



  15. 0272015mz says:

    Share Don’t share.
    Avatar. Face
    Disney House
    Funny Street
    Cats. School

    If you don’t want people to see your real picture don’t send them it because they can screen shot it and send it to other people.There are people that can share them to other people and make it public to all.

  16. 0272015zt says:

    A couple of dangerous things to post online are inappropriate pictures, your face, your house address, email address, phone number and your friend’s private information. Be carful who you send pictures too because when you send it to them, they can screenshot it and sent it to somebody else and they can send it to somebody else and it will go on.

  17. 0272015dj says:

    Avatar Face
    Dog House
    Ladybird Street
    Emoji School
    Funny pics

  18. 0272015fi says:

    We can’t share your name , your age , your address , your number , and which school you go to . if someone is sending you rude messages then don’t answer just delete the game your playing. that’s how to be safe onlyne.

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