Bridgewater Hall!

On Monday evening , our Choir performed at the Bridgewater Hall! This was a fantastic evening and they sang beautifully! All staff came to show their support and were amazed at how brilliant they were! Well done to all of the choir and thank you to parents who came to support this wonderful evening.

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Parental Involvement!

This half term has been fantastic so far and we have had lots of support from our parents, friends and family of children within Year 5.

So far, we have had a ‘Reading morning’ where our parents were invited to attend a Reading session to help their children and find out tips and strategies they could use to help support them at home 🙂 This was a great success!!

On Monday 24th June, we will have our WRL Summer Fair. Parents across the school are invited to come to our stalls and purchase items their children have made. There will also be lots of food and drink to choose from with some exciting games being lead by our staff. In Year 5, we will be selling Jewellery and can not wait to show them off to our parents !

Finally, this half term we have booked a lot of competitions and our parents have been invited to attend 🙂 Its great to see familiar faces at our games and to see them cheering us on! Hopefully the sun will come out next week, so our next competitions that are booked, can go ahead:)

Thank you to all parents for their support so far!

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Smiley Reward!

On Monday, we were visited by the military men to celebrate filling the first side of our smiley chart! 

What did you enjoy about the reward?

Miss Longmore

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This half term in Year 4, we have started our new topic called ‘What thrives in Halliwell?’ This is all about exploring the different plants, animals and habitats that live in our local area. 

Today we started our topic by looking at what plants and animals live in our school grounds. We went on a plant and mini-beast hunt. What plants and animals did you find today Year 4? What did you learn about where they live?

We are looking forward to learning more about plants and animals this half term!

Miss Longmore

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Easter in Year 4L

On Wednesday 10th April, my class went on Purple Mash and we had to research about Easter. Here are some facts I found out:

That it is important to have Hot Cross Buns because if you realised it has a cross on top to represent Jesus.
Easter eggs are involved in Easter because it represents the symbol of new life. ( Personally I like MALTESERS egg.) 9.5kg of chocolate is sold each Easter.
On Easter Sunday, loads of people go to church to celebrate Easter with their family. Usually on Easter Sunday, there is a Holy Communion.
At some schools they do different traditions . For example they could be painting eggs, doing Easter mosaics with colour code and many more activities.
Easter is a very important celebration to some Christians.

Did you know that in France helicopters fly over people’s gardens and pour eggs from the sky!
Please comment back and tell me what you did at Easter!
Have a good Easter!!

By Alena 🙂

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Easter Sunday!

On Easter Sunday people celebrate by egg hunts and making hot crossed buns. Easter is also a Christian celebration. Painting eggs is a very popular Easter thing and most children do it!


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This afternoon, we learnt about the Easter story and researched Easter traditions. We  wrote on Purple Mash all about Easter. Do you know why we celebrate Easter? Or when did bunnies come in? The bunny came in because it’s a baby and we celebrate new life. Everyone thinks it is just the chocolate but it is not. It is about remembering the Christian celebration and how Jesus died and came back to life. We celebrate this on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


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This half term in music we have been singing an African song and beginning to add percussion and beats to it. 

What is our song and what have you enjoyed about this half term in music?

Some children have also been learning brass outside of school and on a Friday morning with Mr Dunkley since September. This afternoon, they performed some pieces to us. Wow! Well done! You all performed brilliantly as a team!

Miss Longmore

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Life Education Caravan

This week Year 4 visited the life education caravan. We learnt all about being unique and different. We talked about making our own decisions and travelled to space!

What did you learn and enjoy from this experience Year 4?

Miss Longmore

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Maths morning!

Today at Oxford Grove our parents could  come and help us and see what we have learnt in maths. It was awesome because we could have our parents to help us a bit in maths! Our maths teachers showed us and talked about how we do maths! I even helped my dad how to exchange in column subtraction! We helped each other!


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