Our local librarian visits Oxford Grove …

This afternoon, we had a special visitor from our local library. She read us some stories using fantastic expression ! We found out about all the different kind of books we could access at the library Have you ever been to a library?

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Amazing Reading Books!

This term 5k have been reading amazing books and we had a little vote. We voted on which books are more intresting either Tom Gates or Harry Potter.

The results are in:

Tom gates:25

Harry Potter:7

What is your favourite book? 


Image result for tom gates                   Image result for harry potter series


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This week the fantastic Year 6s are having their end of year SATs. The school timetable was scheduled a bit differently this week. The year 6s are having a really hard time but this will show what they have learnt over the years. Also the amazing year 2s are having their SATs but the year 6s SATs are more important because is what they take to secondry school.

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This week in Maths, we have been focusing on cracking the code using our knowledge of all four operations. Can you tell me what they are and what methods we use to work the calculations out?

In one of our lesson, we had to answer the calculations to work out the value of each letter then use the letters to find out the mathematical words.


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Science in 5K!

Our new Science topic this term is all about lifecycles! In our first lesson, we started recapping what a living thing is and what the seven processes are that are common to all living things. We remember the seven processes by using MRS GREN. Can you remember the seven processes?

We then moved onto looking at how we classify animals in our next lesson. Can you remember the names of the groups?

Next lesson, we will be looking at the lifecycles of the different animals and comparing them identifying the similarities and differences.

Image result for lifecycles

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This afternoon, Year 5K have been learning all about Easter. We discussed why Easter is an important celebration for Christians. We made Easter cards for someone special with lots of things related to Easter on them: eggs, chicks, bunnies and lots more.

What did you put on your card?
Why is Easter important to Christians?

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The Pop Project – Smiley Reward

Today, we had a great morning at our smiley reward (The Pop Project). We watched a performance all about feeling good in our body, minds and spirit. We discussed, first of all, how it’s important to eat healthy and exercise. We danced and sang all about keeping moving! After that, we took part in a sports quiz and we were all fabulous at identifying the sports.

We then moved onto learning about looking after our mind. Next, We watched a video that told us all about our brain and how important it is and then we carried out a quiz all about fooling our brains.

Lots of volunteers got chosen to come up and talk about how they can try new things that can make them feel happy. Can you remember what they were from looking at the picture?

Finally, we moved onto feeling good in our spirit: having good positive relationships, making yourself feel good and making others feel good. We discussed how it is important to think about other people and not just yourself. We finished by singing a well-known Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling! We had such a good morning!

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Music in 5K

In music this term, we have been working on our drumming and brass skills. Half of the class go to drumming – every Friday morning – and half of the class go to brass.

In drumming, we have been learning lots of different rhythms that we are going to perform in our end of year drumming assembly. We have been working on splitting the class and playing two different rhythms at the same time. Can you remember the rhythms we have been learning?

In brass, we have been learning lots of new notes on our instruments. What instrument are you playing? What notes have you learnt?

We are looking forward to performing in our end of term performance in a few weeks.

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The Life Caravan

Today, we went to visit the life caravan where we met Rachel. In the caravan, we looked at and discussed our emotions and feelings. We had lots of different statement and we worked as a team to decide which order they went in (from most important to least). In the end, we decided that all of them were important and that it is important to understand our emotional needs.

After that, we moved onto looking at our human body and the processes that go on inside the body. Our focus for this part of the session was discussing drugs and medication. We focused partially on caffeine and how it is in lots of different drinks like energy drinks. The main point of this was to discuss how these can badly effect our body. What was the best energy drink we could have?

The brain then told us all about smoking and the negative effects it can have on our heart and other organs in our body. How many people choose to smoke? Can you remember what percentage of teenagers chose to smoke?

After we had discussed these issues, we then talked about being assertive and being able to say no to peer pressure in situations.at the end, we did some role play where we told our friends no we didn’t want to do something.

Can you tell me any facts your have learnt in the life caravan?




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Oxford Grove’s parents do Maths :)

This morning we had a Maths morning and parents were invited into our school to see how we learn maths and to help them teach us at home. In Miss Stockton and Miss King’s group we got to show the parents how we answer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions using our written methods. Parents were given WAGOLLS to show them how we set out our methods and even got the answer booklets to mark their child’s work. It was a fantastic event and lots of adults across the whole school attended. Thank you to everyone for their support.

*What did you enjoy the most about this morning?

*Do you think this has helped your adult to support you with your homework at home?

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