PE in 5K!

This term, we will be starting our new topic of Gymnastics. We are going to be looking at how we can develop our flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.

In our next lesson, we will look at activities where we work in partners to create balances and shapes together.

Can you name any balances?

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Science in 5K!

This term, we have been learning all about Forces! Can you name any forces we have learnt about?

Throughout the term, we have researched Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity, and even written an information text all about him. Can you tell me some information about Isaac Newton?

We have also took part in lots of experiment, investigating forces like water resistance, gravity and air resistance.

What was your favourite lesson?


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Our Anglo-Saxon Experience!

Today, we had a fabulous time taking part in an Anglo Saxon workshop. First of all, we started by being introduced to Anglo Saxon names and jobs. We created our own names and chose jobs we would like to have many many years ago! What was your Anglo Saxon name?

After that, we started looking at different artefacts that had been found including a helmet found at Sutton Hoo. We had a great time passing them round and looking at what they were. We discussed home life from the Anglo Saxon times and looked at the different clothes they wore.

After playtime, we were introduced to a game that they used to play where they fought over a stick. It was called stick wrestling. It was great fun, we cheered our friends on when they were competing.

In the afternoon, we looked at the armour the Anglo Saxons would of worn and even took part in a battle. It was a brilliant day! What was your favourite part?



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Poetry day!

This week, Miss King’s literacy group have been learning the poem ‘On the beach’. We got into groups and we each got given a verse to learn together. We then looked at how we could improve our performance by adding props and actions. Our verses became a lot more exciting after we had added this. We then looked at how we could improve our voices by adding expression and intonation to make it even more exciting. This afternoon, we performed our poems to the rest of Year 5 and 6!

What did you like about our poem?

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Reading areas!

In 5K, we love to use our reading areas! They have lots of books for us to choose from when we silent read and there are even reading strategies in there to help us if we struggle with a word. We also use the reading area in our literacy lessons when we have done brilliant work!

What’s your favourite part of our reading area?



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Monster Maths!

Miss King’s and Miss Stockton’s maths group have been working very hard on place value and addition over the past two weeks. We have become fluent with each aspect and even had a go at problem solving and reasoning questions! We love to use the Maths area in our lessons to consolidate our learning. Take a look at some pictures!

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Oxford Grove’s Reading Day!

Today, we have had a reading day at Oxford Grove! We all brought our favourite books into school and shared them with our literacy classes.

What was your favourite book and why?

Take a look at our favourite books.

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What was your favourite memory from Year 4?

Miss Longmore

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Display crazy!

Displays are so pretty but they also help your education at school. We’ve got loads in our school and tonnes in our class.We do lots and lots of stuff for displays but mostly Miss White, Miss Lowe and Mrs Hobin help to put them up. Thank you for spending lots of time on making our school a beautiful place!

Which display is your favourite?

Mischa and Skarlett

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Happy Eid al-Fitr!

Today in Year 4L  we have been making eid cards and lanterns for eid. Eid is about the end of fasting  and celebrating Ramadan  when there is a new moon.Also they give up bad habits, pray five times a day and read from the Qur’an.There are special prayers in mosque.They eat delious food! As well as food they give each other presents and we’re there best cloths or even buy some new. They also decorate their homes.

Muslim people thank Allah for the strength they that he has given them to have  self control during Ramadan.

What did you do for Ramadan?

from Mischa 

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