Smiley Reward!

The children were really happy to receive this half term’s smiley reward!

We were visited by TEACHREX. We discovered lots facts about the dinosaur, T-Rex. This information has been made available through the discovery of dinosaur fossils and scientific research.

Can you remember any of the facts?

Maybe you could search for fossils in your garden!

Following this we had our own special workshop where we were given the opportunity to be involved in making our very own movie! We used our acting skills and imagination to create a short video clip of us running away from a T-Rex. During the workshop we thought of abstract nouns, verbs and adverbs when creating interesting sentences.


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All about gorillas!

We have carried out non-fiction research in our literacy lessons.

The children found out lots of interesting facts about gorillas including where they live, what they eat and how they move. This information was used to create fabulous posters which the children were very proud of.


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Year 5’s Sports Assembly.

During this half term we held our Sports Assembly. We competed in lots of different races trying to earn first, second, third or fourth place. There was lots of cheering from our friends and our parents!

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Amazing Art in Year 5A!


We were very lucky this week to have a ‘real’ Artist visit our class this week. She showed us how to create a real mosaic using tiles. We all became artists for the day and worked together using different skills to create the final piece.

Mrs Allen want’s to take it home and put it on her wall!

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Ancient Greeks.

In our History topic we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. The children have really enjoyed this and have discovered lots of interesting information and facts.

Here are some of the questions that we considered –

Where is Greece and what is modern Greece like?  – We located Greece and its surrounding area on the map using atlases. We discovered that it is very hot in Greece!

What is democracy and what part did the Greeks have in creating it? – We found out that democracy started in Athens in Ancient Greece. There were three main systems of democracy.

Who were the Ancient Greeks and what did we learn from them? – We created fact files about the influential Greeks including Archimedes, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Alexander the Great and Pythagoras.

Which Greek God would you consider a hero? – The Ancient Greeks believed that the twelve most powerful gods lived at the top of a huge mountain called Mount Olympus. However, some very important gods such as Hades; God of the Underworld, did not live there. We discussed our favourite Gods and gave reasons why.

We concluded our topic with a Greek Workshop where we explored real artefacts, dressed up and found out even more information!

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Mrs Allen’s Marvellous Maths!

We have been completing some tricky number problems in our maths session this week.

The children have been using the ‘Part, Part, Whole’ approach to embed their number knowledge and answer the problems with a verbal reason – they have tried so hard.

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Our Famous Artist.

In our art lessons we are exploring the creations of the famous artist ‘Martin Cheek’.

Martin Cheek is a versatile mosaic artist who initially founded the technique to incorporate glass fusions into mosaic art.

This week we have selected his ‘Parrot’ mosaic to study and interpret. We have sketched mosaics and will be adding colour by means of paint.

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5A’s amazing assembly!

In 5A we have been thinking about our ‘goals and aspirations’ as part of our PSHE lessons. This inspired our assembly where the message was to ‘Reach for the Stars!’.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to see their child perform – I am sure that you will agree with me when I say the children were fabulous!

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Today we had a special assembly all about Easter and made Easter cards. Enjoy the holidays everyone.

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The Life Caravan

Today we visited the life caravan to learn all about our bodies and how to keep us healthy.

Tell me something you found out today year 4…

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