Science in 5A!

This term, we have been learning about the Earth and Space. We started off by researching Galileo Galilei, a philosopher who made great improvements to the telescope which helped us discover the planets and solar system. We have written some great biographies all about his life and work as a scientist. Can you remember the key fact that Galileo discovered using this telescope?

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After that, we moved onto looking at the planets and their order. We used mnemonics to help us remember. Can you name the planets? What mnemonic did you think of? We have enjoyed researching and finding out lots of information about our Earth, the Sun and the Moon. We have even looked at how the Earth rotates on its axis causing seasons and day and night.

What is your favourite fact that we have learnt?

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Road Safety Week 2019

This week is Road Safety Week! In our PSHE lessons, we have been learning about dangers of our environments and how we can stay safe. We created posters to give advice on how to stay safe when crossing roads and when outside. A useful website we used was the website to look at top tips.

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As well as looking at road safety, we were also visited by a lady from Network Rail who came to talk to us about staying safe near railway tracks.

We learned that the railway tracks are very dangerous because there is lots of electricity and the trains are so fast. We always need to keep away from railway tracks, even if we can’t see a train.

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Art sewing workshop – Theseus and the Minotaur.

Year 5 have been developing their sewing skills in our Design and Technology lessons this term.

This week the children were really lucky to work with an artist, Mary, who specialises in sewing and creating large murals linked to topics and interests. As we have been reading Theseus and the Minotaur , Mary designed a specific mural linked to this just for Oxford Grove!

The children each produced their own section of the mural using their fantastic sewing skills – the individual pieces will be sewn together and will create a mural that we can display in school.

We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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As part of Anti-bullying Week children in Year 5 discussed, debated and considered the affects of bullying, including cyber-bullying.

Bullying UK is encouraging people to #ChooseKindness and help stand up to bullying. In their National Bullying Survey in 2016, they found that:

  • 50% of young people were bullied about how they looked
  • 81% of young people were called horrible names by others
  • 55% of young people were left out by their friends

No-one ever knows the struggles people are going through inside and we believe that a simple act of kindness can help a person feel empowered to stand up to bullying. We are encouraging everyone to get involved in choosing kindness and be the reason to make someone smile.

#ChooseKindness top tips

Choosing kindness doesn’t cost anything but can help someone enormously. We all have choices to make, do you #choosekindness?

  • Choose kindness, as you never know what someone else is going through
  • Saying something nice can bring a smile to someone’s face
  • Acts of kindness will never come back to hurt you and is never wasted on someone
  • Being mean and hurting others can hurt someone very deeply, think twice about what you say or do
  • Acts of kindness are good for you- they release oxytocin which lowers our blood pressure
  • Being kind can help others feel happy and confident.


Year 5 chose kindness #choosekindness.

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Poppies and Poetry.

Today we were involved in a work shop to think about the importance of ‘Remembrance Day’ and what it signifies.  Inspired by the poets of the Great War, the children investigated one of our most important historical events from an interactive, drama-based perspective. Children worked class-by-class, each class focusing on a different perspective and theme from World War One.

Year 5A focused on the young men as they are signing up to go to join the army, the British and German soldiers in the trenches, and the women of Britain whose lives were changed forever.

At the end of the day all classes came together to perform to each other, with the final presentation giving a chronological account of the war.

Can you imagine what it would have been like to have been lay in the trenches?



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Practical Subtraction.

In Mrs Allen’s maths group we have been using practical resources to reinforce our understanding of subtraction. The children are able to use a range of equipment including tens frames, numicon, drawing pictures and number lines to support their learning.

Can you think of any other ways that you can solve subtraction problems?


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Talking Textile.

This term in 5A, we have started our new DT topic which is all about textiles. Can you remember  the definition of this work? We have been designing and creating a talking textile. This is a story board of the story Theseus and the Minotaur. We have each designed our part of the story and are going to create it using different fabrics and sewing them together.

Next lesson, we are going to work on learning different types of stitches. Can you name any you already know?

What is the purpose of our talking textile? What does this topic link to that we have already learnt about?

Image result for theseus and the minotaur

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Smiley Reward!

The children were really happy to receive this half term’s smiley reward!

We were visited by TEACHREX. We discovered lots facts about the dinosaur, T-Rex. This information has been made available through the discovery of dinosaur fossils and scientific research.

Can you remember any of the facts?

Maybe you could search for fossils in your garden!

Following this we had our own special workshop where we were given the opportunity to be involved in making our very own movie! We used our acting skills and imagination to create a short video clip of us running away from a T-Rex. During the workshop we thought of abstract nouns, verbs and adverbs when creating interesting sentences.


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All about gorillas!

We have carried out non-fiction research in our literacy lessons.

The children found out lots of interesting facts about gorillas including where they live, what they eat and how they move. This information was used to create fabulous posters which the children were very proud of.


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Year 5’s Sports Assembly.

During this half term we held our Sports Assembly. We competed in lots of different races trying to earn first, second, third or fourth place. There was lots of cheering from our friends and our parents!

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