In Year 4, we have started our new topic all about the water cycle and rain! 

So far we have planted some rain catchers in the KS2 yard so that we can monitor how much rain falls each week.

We have also used the website, will it rain today? to find out which cities in the UK had rain, so that we could compare the rainfall. Can you remember which city had rainfall?

What are you looking forward to about our new topic?

What do you want to find out?

Miss Longmore

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In  A-life  we talked about how to keep healthy. The teachers name was miss C.  She said that children need 10 hours sleep and we need to look after our hygiene (stay clean and brush our teeth 2 times a day). In the afternoon, we did some exercise.  Every body had lots of fun- I loved it!  This was my favourite workshop. How do you keep healthy?

By Barbara and Nehal


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The Christmas Show!

KS2 have performed the Christmas show in front of their parents and family. The show is called Superstar and it is about a girl (called Grace) who isn’t very confident but is given the chance to shine as a main part in the show by Miss Harvey. Year 4 sang their song called ‘Please can I have a room?’. We hope you enjoyed our show!

Image result for merry christmas word art

Everyone is getting a chance to shine!

Merry Christmas!

Alena 🙂

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What makes a good friend?

In Year 4L we are all brilliant at looking after one another and looking out for our friends. What makes a good friend Year 4?

Who has already had the friendship award for their seat? Who thinks they will be one of the first to achieve a special award for their friendship? How are you a good friend?

Miss Longmore

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The Roman Times

In Year 4 we have been learning all about earthquakes and volcanoes. We learnt that Mount Vesuvius is a famous volcano in Italy that erupted at the time of the Romans over a very famous place called Pompeii. We wrote newspaper reports and imagined what it must have been like to be a Roman experiencing this volcano erupting. 

Have a read of Molly’s amazing writing!

Miss Longmore

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Poppy workshop

Yesterday, Year 4 were visited by Becky from West End of schools. She taught us lots about Poppies and Poems. We know that this year Remembrance Sunday is extra special because it marks 100 years since the end of the First World War in 1918. 

We learnt all about recruitment and how soldiers were enlisted to fight in the war. 

Here are some pictures from the morning:

What did you enjoy and learn from this brilliant drama workshop?

Miss Longmore

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In P.E we have been working on our throwing and catching skills with Mr Neil by playing lots of team games. 

What have you enjoyed and learnt in your P.E lessons Year 4?

Miss Longmore


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Year 4L Class Assembly

Yesterday, Year 4L performed their class assembly all about the Romans!

Well done on a brilliant assembly Year 4! Thank you to all of our families that came to watch!

Here are some pictures of our assembly:


Miss Longmore


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Science- Year 4 Dental Workshop

To help us with our Science topic we were visited my Mrs Dibnah who taught us a little more about how to take good care of our teeth!

We even got to brush our own teeth in the lesson!

What can we do to help look after our teeth?

Miss Longmore

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Topic- Romans!

This half term, we have been learning all about the Romans! We have learnt so many exciting facts and even enjoyed a fabulous trip to Chester. 

Which lesson have you enjoyed the most so far this half term?

What have you learnt about the Romans?

Miss Longmore




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