Parental involvement

Our parents have been extremely supportive of our learning this year.

Recently, we had a reading morning where parents could come in to watch their child’s literacy lesson and see how we teach reading at Oxford Grove. This was a huge success and we had lots of parents in our 3L classroom!

Today is the date of our Work Related Learning afternoon, where parents are invited to come into school with their children and explore different products and games that each class have been working on. There will be lots of food and drink to buy and exciting games to play.

Thank you parents for your ongoing support 🙂

Miss Lord x

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This week in transition we have been focussing on art.

In 3L this year, our class artist was Paul Cezanne.

Paul Cezanne was famous for the beautiful paintings he did. We particularly liked his ‘still art’ work, which we attempted to recreate earlier in the year.

See the source image

I’d love to know who your new class artist is for Year 4! Let me know by writing a comment.

Miss Lord x

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This week we have started our transition into our new classes, with our new teachers!

3L have been going to Mrs Bain’s classroom every afternoon to learn all about the expectations for Year 4.

What kinds of things have you been getting up to with your new teacher?

Miss Lord x

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Science – water transportation

In science, we have been looking at how water is transported through plants. To do this, we put food colouring in water and added white flowers to the containers. After a few days, there was less water in the containers because the plants had been drinking it! We also observed that the water had gone through to the petals because they had changed colour!

Some of us then experimented to see if we could change the colour of celery.

Do you think the celery will change colour?

How is water transported through plants?

Miss Lord x

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Smiley Reward – Military UK

Today we were visited by Military UK which was our smiley reward! We went onto the playground and up to the astroturf where we were introduced to our visitors. There were 3 activities to do:

*inflatable, bouncy obstacle course
*team building and problem solving

What was your favourite part?

Did it tire you out?

Miss Lord x

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This week in maths we have been doing lots of problem solving! We have been sat in different places to develop our teamwork skills.

First, we were given calculations to work out to give each letter of the alphabet a number. Then, we had to find the mathematical words by matching new calculations to the right letter. It was really tricky but we had lots of fun 🙂

Miss Lord x

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Welcome back 3L! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

Our science topic this term will be all about plants. We have already made a good start by learning about the 4 main different parts of a plant: roots, stem, leaves and flower. Yesterday, we wrote an information text to show off our learning.

Can you remember the functions of each of the different parts?

What else do you know about plants?

Miss Lord x

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Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

Easter is celebrated on the last day of Holy Week.

Holy Week starts off with Palm Sunday. On Thursday it is Good Thursday, which was the day of the Last Supper.

Good Friday was the day of Jesus’ crucifixion and Sunday was the day Jesus rose, which is now the celebration of Easter.

Lots of people celebrate Easter by giving and receiving chocolate Easter eggs. Today in 3L, we made cards to give to our friends and family.

How will you be celebrating Easter?

Miss Lord x

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Last week, it was time for our music assessments! We all had the chance to show off the skills we had learned over the past term, particularly in singing.

Can you remember what our song was called 3L?

I hope you’ve had lots of fun learning it, I have really enjoyed listening to your lovely voices! I can’t wait to see what Mrs Hudson has planned for us after Easter.

Miss Lord x

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Life Caravan

Today, 3L visited the Life Caravan to take part in a workshop called Meet the Brain!

We learned lots and had fun working together.

What did you learn 3L?

Miss Lord x

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