Our Class Assembly

Today we performed our class assembly and were absolutely amazing. Mrs Bain said she could hear everybody saying their lines really clearly. We worked hard as a team and 4J, our audience, really enjoyed watching us. We told them all about volcanoes, what they are and what causes them to erupt. Mrs Bain would like to thank all the parents who helped us learn our lines at home.
Have a look at us in action…

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PE Virtual Mile

In our PE lessons we have been completing a weekly mile, Mr Ralph has been timing us to see who the fastest people in our class are. We found out a mile is further than we thought…for some of our times, read our comments.

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Sports Assembly

Today was our sports assembly. 4B really enjoyed racing against their friends. Stickers were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Tell me how many stickers you got and the position you came in…

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Roman Numerals

In our maths lesson this week we have learning Roman Numerals. We are enjoying trying to match the Roman numerals and Arabic numbers. We have been learning a song to help us remember them. How many can you remember Year 4?

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Matt Goodfellow

Matt Goodfellow

Today Matt Goodfellow came into school and worked with us on writing our own poems. He also performed some of the poems he has written. We had lots of fun and learned a lot about poetry. Some of his poems were very funny and some were very sad. Matt encouraged us to write in our own voices.
Here are some of the ideas we had during the workshop…

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In our Geography topic we are learning all about volcanoes, we started by researching the Bay of Naples and finding out all about the tourist attractions. In the coming weeks we will be moving on to learning what volcanoes are and why they erupt. We are really enjoying our topic and cannot wait to find out more…

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In our computing lesson we found out all about phishing.

Phishing is when someone tries to trick you in order to get your information, usually by using fake messages.

We now know some of the ways to protect ourselves from this. Read our comments to find out more…

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First week back

Well done on a fantastic first week Year 4. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all and I am so proud of you for how quickly you have settled back into school life. It has been lovely watching you play with your friends again and you have all been very sensible with your hand washing and sanitising. Well done again Year 4 – a super start.

Mrs Bain

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Welcome to 4B

Hello to the new 4B.

I am so looking forward to meeting you all in September.

I know it will feel strange coming back to school and you may feel excited, nervous, scared or all 3, especially as we haven’t been able to meet each other properly. But I promise I will look after you all, so do not worry.

Have a lovely summer and I can’t wait to see you all in September.

Mrs Bain xx

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Our Memories/Best Bits!

Well, what a year it’s been year 3! Not to mention a very strange last few months!

Even though we haven’t all been together in person recently, it has been lovely to hear from you through teams or on our phone calls home 🙂 As we are approaching our final days in Year 3, I would like to share with you some of our memories and best bits!

We have had some great times on school trips, taking part in smiley rewards and workshops in school! Here are some photos to take you back!

Can you tell me your favourite memory in Year 3?

REMINDER: We need your help this week to create a new welcome book for the new year threes next year. The welcome book is for new children who come to our school. It helps them to understand our daily routine and what life at Oxford Grove is like.

Remember to log onto teams each day to help provide information on what being in year 3 is like. You can send this information via teams or you can comment on this blog each day 🙂

Miss Bimson x

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WC 06.07.20: Online Safety!

As many of you are at home completing online learning, it is very important that we remember to keep safe online.

Here are some top tips to keep safe online:

*Never share your personal information with people you don’t know.
*Never meet up with someone you have met online.
*Don’t always believe everything you read online.
*Tell an adult if you are worried about something online.

Have a look on ‘Hector’s World’ website- watch the videos and play the games to find out more! https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/4_7/hectorsworld/

How do you keep safe online?

*Reminder- don’t forget to keep blogging for Miss Harvey’s competition! You could win a £50 voucher! Miss Bimson x

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WC 29.06.20: Children’s National Art Week!

This week is Children’s National Art week!

This is a week to celebrate arts, crafts and creativity.  At home this week, I would like you to all  get involved with practical arts and crafts and see if you can create some amazing pieces of art!

There are many materials and mediums you can use such as paints, coloured pencils, pastels, felt tips, c
ard & glue, playdough and many more! See if you can be creative this week and send me your creations on teams.

Art is my favourite subject as you will know, so I am really excited to see all of your arts and crafts creations! 🙂

What is your favourite art activity?
Which arts and crafts activity will you take part in this week?

Have fun! Miss Bimson x

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WC 22nd June: National Sports Week!

This week is National Sports week. This campaign takes place in the last week of June every year to celebrate the important role of Physical Education and school sport in enhancing young people’s wellbeing.

Can you challenge your families, friends and neighbours in virtual sporting challenges at home? Lets see if we can celebrate the power of sport to bring people together, even during isolation.

Check out this website and watch the video to find out more: https://www.youthsporttrust.org/national-school-sport-week-home

How you can get involved at home:
*Trying out a new sport or skill (e.g. Football, yoga, tennis)
*Taking part in a family workout (e.g. Just Dance/Joe Wicks)
*Taking part in one physical activity every day this week
*Complete a trick as many times as possible (e.g. 50 star jumps/20 kick ups)

Can you send me phots on teams of you taking part in these activities this week? Which activities will you have a go at?

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WC 15th June: Reports!

Good morning 3B, today I would like you to complete a very important job.!

In school, teachers are busy writing your reports and we need you to complete your report comment which your parents get to read. So, you need to write a paragraph (this can either be done on teams and sent to me privately, you can write it in your workbooks and take a picture and send it on teams or you can simply comment on this blog).

In the paragraph you need to include:
What you have enjoyed this year, any special memories?
*What you are going to miss in Year 3.
Any thank you’s you want to give.
*What you are looking forward to moving into Year 4.

This needs to be done and sent back to me by the end of the day please. 

As a reminder – we are relaunching our blog competition!

This is for parents and children, and will be judged the most good quality comments across all of our blog sites. Remember, you can comment on our blog on any device, such as mobile phones, tablets or PCs. In order to take part, children will need to make sure they log in to the blog with their Purple Mash details to leave comments.

The prize is £50 in Argos vouchers.
The competition will start from Monday 15th June and finish just before the end of term, on Wednesday 15th July

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WC 8th June: Water Safety!

Water can be found all around us in the outdoors. You may have seen water in the form of rivers, ponds, lakes or even the sea if you have visited a local beach over the past few weeks!

It is extremely important to remember that water can be dangerous and we must understand how to act sensibly when we are near any type of water.

Top tips to help you stay safe around water:

– Never swim alone, it is safer to swim with a buddy.

– Don’t depend on floating toys to keep you safe.

– Learn to swim, it is a life-long skill.

-Always wear a life jacket in open water.

-Always act sensibly when swimming or playing in water

Have a look at the following websites to find more information about keeping safe near water:



How many dangers can you spot in the picture below? Can you comment and tell me?

Miss Bimson x

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WC 18th May: National Thank A Teacher Day & May 20th Eid Celebrations!

Rainbow pencil - Thank You Card For Teacher (Free) | Greetings Island

On Wednesday 20th March it is National Thank A Teacher Day!

This is a day to celebrate the work of not only teachers but also school leaders, teaching assistants and all support staff in schools for their amazing work, especially in this challenging time. As you all know, teachers work hard all year but this year teachers have had to work in a whole new way to make sure you have all been getting the brain food you need.

There are lots of different ways you can thank your teachers, you could write them a letter explaining how grateful you are for their work and send it to school, you could draw a picture for them to show your appreciation or you could send them a message on the school blog saying THANK YOU!

Here are some more ideas- https://thankateacher.co.uk/forschools/

All the teachers at Oxford Grove are missing seeing your smiling faces every day but are very proud of the hard work you are in putting in at home! 🙂 

eid mubarak 2018 (Dengan gambar) | Eid, Amplop, Seni islamis

Some of our families are also celebrating Eid this week!

This is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

Who is celebrating Eid in our class? What are you doing to celebrate? 

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WC 11th May: Take on an Active challenge!

Who is Joe Wicks and what are his best Body Coach workout videos?

This week is Take on an active challenge week!

Whilst working hard at home it is important to keep fit and healthy whilst challenging yourself!

I challenge you to complete a Joe Wicks workout every day this week, you can do it! The link to his YouTube channel is below.


Remember to comment on Friday to let me know if you completed your challenge!

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WC 4th May: National Share a Story Month 2020!

20 Best Classic Children's Books of All Time - Best Books for Kids

It is currently National Share a Story Month 2020. Stories are amazing things, they allow us to be curious, use our imagination and encourages us to develop and learn new vocabulary.

While you have been learning from home I have received some great pictures showing me the brilliant books you have been reading and enjoying.

What has been your favourite story so far?

Can you share a story with your friends in the comments?

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WC 27th April : Walk the Talk Week!

Can I go for a walk outside during the coronavirus outbreak ...

This week it is Walk the talk week.

This week is a perfect time to go out for a walk with an adult, you can get some fresh air, talk about nice things and embrace the nature around you. We are extremely lucky to have lots of lovely walking trails and places for adventures around us here in Bolton.

Have you been doing a walk each day? Where have you been going for your daily exercise?

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WC 20th April: Be Kind to your Mind!

be kind to your mind by Erin Bakara on Dribbble

This week we are thinking about being kind your mind.

It is very important to be kind to yourself during this time and to keep your mind busy. You can do things such as reading books, being creative with craft activities and making the best memories with your loved ones at home.

You can also keep in touch with myself through ‘teams’ and the class blog.

What have you been doing this week to be kind to your mind? 🙂

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WC 6th April: Celebrating Easter!

10 egg-citing things to do during the Easter holidays - Go North East

This week we will be breaking up from home learning for our Easter half term. Easter is a time in which Christians celebrate to remember the resurrection of Jesus.

Who celebrates Easter in our class?

Are you doing anything nice over the Easter holidays? (Staying safe of course!).

I will be looking forward to eating a few Easter eggs I think!

Have a lovely Easter break 🙂

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WC 30th March: Kindness Matters!

In a world where you can be anything, be kind 8 x 10 Print (With ...

This week we are thinking about acts of kindness. It is so important to be kind to others during this time. We all need to think about our family and friends making sure we make kind and caring gestures to make these days feel better.

Has anyone helped you during this week?

Have you done anything kind to help someone you know?

Writing letters, making phone calls or even waving or smiling from a distance can make someone feel happy- see if you can do one of these things this week!

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WC 23rd March: Thanking all our Key Workers!

This week we are saying ‘Thank You!’ to all of our key workers. Do you have any key workers in your family? If so, what do they do?

To show recognition and thanks, children are making and decorating rainbows and putting them up in their windows at home. Have you made a rainbow yet? Have you seen any rainbows when you have been out on a walk near your house?

At Oxford Grove, some of our key worker children have been decorating rainbows and we have stuck them in the windows around school for everyone to see. If you are walking past school, see if you can spot them!

It is important to be thankful for all keyworkers during this time as they are continuing going into work while many people are staying safe at home.

Who do you want to say thank you to? 🙂

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In our PSHE lessons this half term we have started learning about our own health and wellbeing in school. We have been thinking about how we keep safe in our school environment.

We feel safe at school because we have:

High gates surrounding the school grounds

Teachers supervising children at all times

CCTV cameras

Registration in a morning and afternoon, including clubs afterschool

Regular fire practice


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Smiley Reward!

Today, we had our third smiley reward! This was very exciting because we got to work with a huge dragon called Luna! Luna is a Dragon from a story long ago, and we got to make up our very own story ending using the green screen. We worked together in small groups to act out, choosing our own background and dragon.



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Bolton Museum

Today we went on a very exciting trip to Bolton Museum which supports our current History and Art topic learning about the Egyptians! In the morning, we took part in an Egyptian workshop where we created a real life time line dressing up as famous pharaohs and in the afternoon we carried out a fact trail!

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3B Class Assembly

On Thursday, we had our class assembly in the morning and parents came along to watch! We shared our PSHE learning about friendships and what being a good friend means. As a class we showed our fabulous singing and acting, making a friendship potion!

Miss Bimson was very impressed with our loud speaking voices and how everyone could learned their line off by heart. Well done Year 3B!


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In our PE lessons, we have been learning the rules when playing different team games. We have been enjoying dodge ball and bench ball! In order to score points for our teams we had to work together. Miss Makin has been very impressed with us!

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Fun Food Chef

Today we had a very exciting DT workshop with the Fun Food Chef! We made Egyptian bread, chicken and stew! We had fun working in groups to prepare the food and got to try all of these new and exciting tastes and flavours!




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Making Medicine!

This week we have started reading our new class novel ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ in our Literacy lessons. We have read the first 4 chapters together and answered questions based on what we have read so far.

Today we have been making our very own medicines to give to Grandma, making them as explosive as possible!


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This half term in Computing, we have been creating powerpoints using our History knowledge of the Egyptians. We have been adding text, pictures and backgrounds! We have also been changing the size, colour and style of the text.

What did you enjoy the most?




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This week in Miss Bimson’s Maths group we have been very busy! We have been working on our new maths target using the column method to add and subtract 3 digit numbers and we have been applying this in our maths area. We have also been working on 3d shape looking at the properties and making 3d shape nets!

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At Oxford Grove we are an inclusive school and we always look after each other. Since starting back to school in September, we have had three new children join our 3B class and we have all helped to look after them and make them feel welcome in our school.

We think it is extremely important to always look after others no matter of their age, religion or background and our weekly PSHE lessons greatly support this. This week in PSHE we have been learning about how other children live in countries all around the world, reflecting on similarities and differences to us.


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In Year 3 we have been working really hard with our reading! In the morning when we come into school we spend the first 20 minutes reading our school books with our teachers and on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have ten minutes after lunch reading with our buddies.

In our Literacy lessons this week we have been reading the story ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and answering inference questions based on characters thoughts and feelings. This is our new Spring Term target.

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Art with Hugh Templeton

Today our class Artist ‘Hugh Templeton’ came to work with us to create Stone Age cave paintings, following on from our last Art topic. He showed us how to sketch out and shade deigns using images of animals and people and then we used watercolours to create a background wash using different textures.

Over lunch, Hugh also worked with a small group of children to begin work on our brand new Art topic ‘The Egyptians’ creating a pyramid landscape!


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A life

This morning we took part in different activities all about keeping healthy. We worked together in small groups completing each activity before moving onto the next. We had lots of fun with our teams!


In the afternoon we took part in a fitness workshop where we did physical exercises similar to what we might do day to day out of school. We played peas in a pod too!


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This week, in the afternoons we have created various Christmas crafts, including wreaths, Gingerbread houses and baubles!

Today, we had our Christmas party in the afternoon and had a special visit from Father Christmas! We played musical statues, musical bumps, and enjoyed our delicious party food and snacks together with Miss Cope’s 3C class too!




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This week in PE we have been playing a team game of ‘Dodgeball’. We were split into two teams and we had to try to eliminate all players of the opposing team by throwing one of four game balls and hitting  below the shoulders.  Each team started with the balls evenly spread on the centre line at the beginning of each game.

What did you enjoy the most about your PE lesson?

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Autumn 2 Smiley Reward

This afternoon was our second smiley reward and we watched the pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’. To earn this special treat we had to fill the second side of our smiley chart for our pantomime ticket! We watched this in the hall with our friends and teachers. We cant wait to find out what the next smiley reward is! Thank you Miss Harvey!

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Bridges Design Technology Trip

Today we have been on an exciting class trip to the Science and Technology Centre in Bolton. Our DT topic this half term is all about bridges and we took part in different workshops building structures to make the strongest bridge.

We worked in small teams to build bridges out of paper, lego, playdough and straws!



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