A-Life Workshop


This week we took part in the A-life workshop. We looked at different ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy. In the morning, we looked at the science behind keeping healthy and what we should and shouldn’t do to achieve this. In the afternoon, we had a PE workshop where we tried some different exercises that we could use at home to keep fit.

What was your favourite activity that you took part in?

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The Chill Factor

Class 4B are brilliant at attending school and have won this terms attendance award. The award was a very exciting trip to the Chill Factor!

What activities did you take part in?

What did you enjoy the most?

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Image result for elastic band guitar


In Science we have been learning about sound. We have looked at what creates a different pitch by using elastic bands and creating our own guitar! We all really enjoyed creating and investigating different pitches.

Can you name me one fact you have learnt about pitch.

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Roman DEWA Museum

Yesterday we went on a trip to Chester to help us learn even more about our Romans topic.

We had a great time, look…


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Never Forget!

Today 4B took part in a poppy workshop to learn all about what Remembrance Day is and why it is so important.

Can you remember the Christmas song you sang as an Allie or a German?

What fact have you remembered about the war?

Why do you think it is important to have Remembrance Day?



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Geography Earthquakes

Image result for earthquake


This is the link that shows us where different earthquakes are happening around the world.

What pattern can you see? Where do most of the earthquakes occur?

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What is Europe?

In Year 4, we have been learning about Europe. Our question which we will research and this half term is ‘What is Europe?’

We have looked at a map of Europe and have been able to find where different countries are on the map. We have also enjoyed researching different European countries and writing a report about them.

Our favourite fact is that Europe has approximately 50 countries in the continent!

Do you know any other interesting facts?

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In our history lessons we have really enjoyed learning about the Romans. As a year group, we have been excited about looking at the differences through time. We studied two different pictures from the Stone Age and the Roman Times and were able to draw comparisons.

Which era would you like to live in?

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The Smiley Reward

Today we all earned our visit to the smiley reward by filling the first side of our smiley cards. The dinosaur’ s name was Jam! He was a T- Rex.


Mrs Bain was very happy as a dinosaur visited our school and we found out lots of scientific facts. 

4B tell me any new facts you found out today about dinosaurs.


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Rock Stars Times Tables






This week have we got our ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ logins.

We can get onto it through Learning Links on the school website.

4B what is your ranking so far?

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