We have been learning lots of exciting things in Music!

We love our song ‘Shadows’ and we’re especially good at singing different parts in two groups. Now we are learning a new song from Moana – ‘How Far I’ll Go.’

What do you love best about Music, Year 3?

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18 Responses to Music

  1. Nehal says:

    I enjoyed the first time on crazy golf ⛳️ .

  2. Nehal says:

    I enjoyed the smiley reward because it was fun.

  3. Shero says:

    I really enjoye the new song it was so amazin.

  4. Mirella says:

    I did my very best to do my singing because it is my passion.

  5. Nehal says:

    I enjoyed music.

  6. 0272014ac says:

    I can’t wait for all our class to learn the whole of to song How fall Ill go!! By Krisztina

  7. Nehal says:

    In music I loved the shadow song.

  8. Sarfaraz says:

    I really like music

  9. Megan says:

    I love music because we learn new songs! Miss Hudson is the best teacher to do music.

  10. Alena says:

    In music last week we sang a song from Moana. I really loved the song but my favourite is YOUR WELCOME by DWAYNE JHONSON it is the best song ever!! I know all of the Moana songs because I have watched the whole movies

  11. Molly says:

    I love music and the song that we are learning is How Far I’ll Go, it’s from the movie Moana, I love the movie and song. We have only been learning the song for 2 days but we are really good at it.

  12. Barbara says:

    I really like the song Moana because it was a good song and I enjoy it.

  13. Izaan says:

    I love music because we learn new songs! Miss Huston is nice and pretty!

  14. Morgan says:

    I enjoyed music because we learned Moana!

  15. Azraa says:

    I like music because we do music and if I need help the teachers help me

  16. Mirella says:

    I like music because it is fun to sing with my class. I love the movie Moana and in music we got to sing a song from the movie Moana!


  17. Joshua says:

    I really enjoy music and it is so fun

  18. Abdullah says:

    I like music because the shadow song .The shadow song was so fun!

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