Sports Assembly

Today was our sports assembly. 4B really enjoyed racing against their friends. Stickers were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Tell me how many stickers you got and the position you came in…

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6 Responses to Sports Assembly

  1. 0272016za says:

    This game was very fun I love it.My partner was Fatima Noor it was even funner will her.Thank you fun this wonderful game.

  2. 0272016ra says:

    The sports asembly was fun and we did four games we though the bean bag in the air

  3. 0272016ac says:

    I came fourth fourth first first 3rd places

  4. 0272016ed says:

    I wish I was here

  5. 0272016as1 says:

    When I was at the sports assembly I was really good at the races and I got 1st place 4 times and on my last race I got 3rd place and the race was egg and spoon race. I really enjoyed it and thanks to the P.E teacher Mr Ralf.

  6. 0272016th says:

    I really liked the races on Monday my favourite race was the egg and spoon race

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