In our Geography topic we are learning all about volcanoes, we started by researching the Bay of Naples and finding out all about the tourist attractions. In the coming weeks we will be moving on to learning what volcanoes are and why they erupt. We are really enjoying our topic and cannot wait to find out more…

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  1. 0272016jp says:

    Hmm where to start … in our English lessons we have been learning all about volcanoes
    One fact is they are really dangerous and people think they are a beautiful sight.
    When they erupt clouds and gas that is called pyroclastic flow.

    By jaishika

  2. 0272016th says:

    Volcanos are an amazing sight

    Volcanoes blasted when the plats is get closer together and then the volcano blows up

  3. 0272016za says:

    I love learning about volcanoes and they are very interesting!

  4. 0272016fs says:

    I enjoy learning about volcanoes.And I’m exited to learn more about volcanoes .

  5. Alfie sinclair says:

    I really liked learning about volcanoes because when they erupt they make a giant explosion.

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