Matt Goodfellow

Matt Goodfellow

Today Matt Goodfellow came into school and worked with us on writing our own poems. He also performed some of the poems he has written. We had lots of fun and learned a lot about poetry. Some of his poems were very funny and some were very sad. Matt encouraged us to write in our own voices.
Here are some of the ideas we had during the workshop…

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4 Responses to Matt Goodfellow

  1. Abdullah says:

    I really enjoyed when Matt Goodfellow came in and did a poem with us and also Taught us how to write a poem

  2. Grace says:

    Matt Goodfellow was REALLY funny, he is a really good poet. No wonder people think he’s a magical species🤣😂.


  3. 0272016jp says:

    My idea is …….
    The thing that I hate about ducks is they scare me by running!
    The thing I love about chicken nuggets is there skin is so crunchy!
    This thing that I hate about tennis is that you some time have to just jump!
    ….that was my idea.
    By Jaishika

  4. 0272016jr says:

    Matt Goodfellow was a great person

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