Footballers against homophobia

Today we had a special assembly about footballers against homophobia (which means using the word gay to mean something bad.) We talked about how some footballers experienced this type of bullying from the crowd. Some of the footballers decided to set up Footballers Against Homophobia, to show people this was not ok. Many famous footballers wear Footballers Against Homophobia t-shirts to show they support this. Which famous footballers can you spot, wearing these t-shirts?


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Fantasy settings

In our English lessons we have been reading examples of different fantasy settings. We then had a go at writing a description of the magical sweet shop in the Harry Potter books, We are really proud of the descriptions we produced. Read them in the comments…

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Our Trip To The Lowry

Today we visited the art gallery in The Lowry, to find out more about LS Lowry who is our class artist. We were able to look at some of Lowry’s paintings hung in the gallery and then we worked with an artist to create our own pictures in the style of Lowry.

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A – Life

Last week A- Life came to visit our school. We took part in two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the morning we got to explore lots of different, hands – on activities which helped us to learn all about keeping healthy. In the afternoon we took part in a fitness session, we moved around different exercises including boxing, trampolines and balancing. It was a lot of fun and we learned how to keep our bodies healthy.

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The Good Friend Award


We have been thinking about being a good friend and being kind to each other in our PSHE lessons. We all thought of a time when someone in our class has been kind to us. We wrote down their name and nominated them for the ‘Good Friend Award’. Here are some examples…

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Cross Curricular Writing

So far this half term we have written an explanation of how we hear in Science, a newspaper report about Boudicca’s rebellion in history and a recount about our trip to Chester. In our writing area we can also write an explanation of how our digestive system works. We are concentrating on organising our paragraphs around a main theme and improving the amount we write in each paragraph.

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Quadrilaterals Challenge

In our maths lessons we have been classifying quadrilaterals. Mrs Bain set us this challenge:

Using 4cm and 6cm straws, how many different quadrilaterals can you make?

Calculate the perimeter of each shape.


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Today an artist came into school and we all worked together to create a mosaic. In our art lessons we have been looking at the work of Concetta Perot. We are going to design and make our own mosaics as well.

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InObots – Computer Science


This afternoon we have been working to program InObots, we created a program to make the InObots light up and move. We found out the difference between a program and an algorithm. We tested our programs at the testing station. Mrs Lyons came to help us and Mrs Bain, we learned a lot and really enjoyed our afternoon. We can’t wait to show Mrs Thompson what we can do!



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Poppies Workshop

Today we took part in a workshop, called ‘Poppies’. We found out that World War I ended one hundred years ago, in 1918. We looked at posters which were used to enlist men to fight. We acted out images from these posters. We discussed what the poppy is a symbol of. We read and acted a poem called ‘Billy the Soldier Boy’.



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