KS2 Christmas Show

Last week, we took part in the Christmas show! We had two songs to learn and we performed them really well in all 3 of our performances to the parents. Miss Harvey was extremely impressed with Year 3’s singing.

Some children also took part as narrators, animals and shepherds.

I hope you enjoyed being part of this amazing show 3L!

Miss Lord x


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17 Responses to KS2 Christmas Show

  1. 0272015jh1 says:

    I loved the Christmas show . it was awsome

  2. 0272015fs says:

    I loved the cristmas show

  3. 0272015nc says:

    I liked singing the songs

  4. 0272015cb1 says:

    I loved the show.;]TI WAS LOVLY!!

  5. 0272015fs says:

    I loved the Christmas show

  6. 0272015ow says:

    The songs wear assume because they where the best.

  7. 0272015kb says:

    I love the Christmas show because It was amazing of my life.

  8. 0272015ec says:

    The songes wear as asseume because they where flaying

  9. 0272015dj says:

    I loved the songs. and I loved the show.

  10. 0272015fp says:

    I had fun in the christmas show.

  11. 0272015cb1 says:

    My daddy was there and I could tell he loved it too.It was the best show in OXFORD GROVE!:]We are the BESTTTTTTT!I can tell we are the best school;]

  12. 0272015mm says:

    The show was so fun

  13. 0272015mm says:

    The show was so fun

  14. 0272015fp says:

    The Christmas show was fastaste mis lord. From inga

  15. 0272015kh says:

    I loved the Christmas show because it was fun with the best school ever.

  16. 0272015ma1 says:

    I think Kristina did very good in the Chismas show

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