We have been focussing on friendship recently because Miss Harvey has introduced a new reward for children who are showing that they are a good friend.

In 3L, we award our good friend seat cover at the end of each day to someone who has been kind, thoughtful and positive throughout the whole day. Any teacher walking into the room can see who these amazing children are straight away!

What do you need to do to be a good friend?

Miss Lord x

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8 Responses to Friendship

  1. 0272015nc says:

    Who made the idea.

  2. 0272015nc says:

    I love cross curricular writing it is fun

  3. 0272015mm says:

    Listen to the teacher

  4. 0272015jh1 says:

    I like the good friend reward

  5. 0272015ma1 says:

    How to be a good friend
    be kind

    help them
    play with them

  6. 0272015ia says:

    To be good friend you can help people ,be kind and be helpful. I love this school.

  7. 0272015fp says:

    We need to be kind with our friend and be nice.

  8. SantaTamoauskaite says:

    I like we good frends

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