We have started our new science topic: Does my shadow always follow me? This topic will involve looking at light and dark.

Last week, we made our own light boxes to investigate how light travels to help us see things. We placed a counter on the table, put the box over it and thought of things we could do to help us to see the counter inside.

We tried making holes in the top and sides of our boxes – this allowed some of us to see our counter. Those who were struggling to see added more light by shining a torch into one of the holes.

We discovered that dark is the absence of light and that we need light to see. Light travels in straight lines to the object then into our eyes.

I hope you had fun Year 3!

Miss Lord x

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6 Responses to Science

  1. 0272015jh says:

    I liked the picture of Noah cutting his box and when you said he was doing the photo in action.

  2. 0272015nc says:

    Can all of us do more science

  3. 0272015st says:

    Science was the best because it was fun.

  4. 0272015st says:

    Science was the best because it was fun.

  5. 0272015qs says:

    I like since because I want to be sinceter.

  6. 0272015kb says:

    I like science because I like investergate other things

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