Thursday this week was National Poetry Day.

We celebrated in school by each class having the opportunity to learn, practise and perform a poem.

In 3L, we looked at a poem called Mrs Butler by our class poet Allan Ahlberg.

We had a great time learning and practising it in two groups.

On Friday, we performed the poem to the rest of LKS2.

Did you enjoy it 3L?

Can you remember what our poem was about?

Miss Lord x

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4 Responses to Poetry

  1. 027petitjeanj says:

    I loved your poetry recital, 3L – you were all amazing and your acting was brilliant, too!

  2. 0272015mm says:

    Please Mrs Butler

  3. 0272015mm says:

    Playing Please Mrs Butler

  4. 0272015nc says:

    I like acting at school.

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