We have been focussing on friendship recently because Miss Harvey has introduced a new reward for children who are showing that they are a good friend.

In 3L, we award our good friend seat cover at the end of each day to someone who has been kind, thoughtful and positive throughout the whole day. Any teacher walking into the room can see who these amazing children are straight away!

What do you need to do to be a good friend?

Miss Lord x

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Cross-curricular writing

In our literacy lessons over the past few weeks, we have been learning how to write a letter.

We then applied these skills in a history lesson. We learned about the cities of the Indus Valley and wrote a letter to a friend who might want to come and live there to explain what it was like.

I hope you enjoy our cross-curricular writes 3L!

Miss Lord x

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Writing Area

This is our writing area in 3L.

The children can come to use the writing area as a reward or as part of their learning in literacy.

We have lots of resources to help you improve your work!

*editing passes
*spelling reminders
*handwriting helpers
*punctuation pyramid

We also have challenge cards which can be completed into our books or on the fancy paper in the writing area. There are lots of great pens and pencils to choose from in here.

I hope you like our writing area 3L!

Miss Lord x

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Last week we were lucky to have an extra PE session linked to Diwali!

We had a visitor come in and teach us the story of Diwali. Our visitor had performed in shows in the West End and was really great at making the story exciting. She taught us how to tell the story of Diwali through dance.

We had lots of fun!

Miss Lord x

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We have started our new science topic: Does my shadow always follow me? This topic will involve looking at light and dark.

Last week, we made our own light boxes to investigate how light travels to help us see things. We placed a counter on the table, put the box over it and thought of things we could do to help us to see the counter inside.

We tried making holes in the top and sides of our boxes – this allowed some of us to see our counter. Those who were struggling to see added more light by shining a torch into one of the holes.

We discovered that dark is the absence of light and that we need light to see. Light travels in straight lines to the object then into our eyes.

I hope you had fun Year 3!

Miss Lord x

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We have been looking at four different ancient civilisations in our topic work so far this year.

These include:

*Ancient Egypt
*Ancient Sumer
*The Indus Valley
*The Shang Dynasty

We have used lots of different ways to find out about these times in history, for example:

*exploring artefacts
*ordering events on a timeline
*making our own Egyptian mummies
*research through books
*writing our own information texts

This is Caysey’s beautifully illustrated timeline:

What has been your favourite thing about topic this term 3L?



Miss Lord x

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Thursday this week was National Poetry Day.

We celebrated in school by each class having the opportunity to learn, practise and perform a poem.

In 3L, we looked at a poem called Mrs Butler by our class poet Allan Ahlberg.

We had a great time learning and practising it in two groups.

On Friday, we performed the poem to the rest of LKS2.

Did you enjoy it 3L?

Can you remember what our poem was about?

Miss Lord x

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Reading area

Our reading area in 3L is full of a range of fantastic books. We have loads of exciting fiction books and some very interesting non-fiction books too.

We use the reading area when we have been set a challenge to do with finding certain things in a book or doing some group or independent reading. It’s really cosy and has lots of tips on how to become a better reader on the display.

We hope you like it!

 Miss Lord x

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We have already been really hard at work during our maths lessons in Year 3.

In Miss Lord’s group we have done a lot of work on place value and recognising hundreds, tens and units. We have also been adding and subtracting bigger numbers, using written methods and in our heads!

We love getting the practical equipment out from the maths area, especially the base ten, number squares and counters.

What do you like about maths?

Miss Lord x

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Reading Day

On Tuesday this week we celebrated reading by sharing our favourite books with each other and writing about them for our reading display.

What is your favourite book and why?

Miss Lord x

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