Computing- Lesson 5

Today, we have been discussing how to report bad behaviour online. We have been thinking about trusted adults we could speak to, as well as websites and helplines.

What have you learnt today?
Who would you report to and how?

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9 Responses to Computing- Lesson 5

  1. Inaayah Javid says:

    If you are told something nasty online you need to tell a trusted adult. Next, if it is serious you should go to CEOP to report it. Then, you should click on the Childline button so you can message or call them.

    By Inaayah and Amanda

  2. 0272017ms says:

    If we need to report online behaviour we can use CEOP from Maira and Baqir

  3. Elsie says:

    Today we have learnt that if you are getting cyber bullied you need to tell a trusted adult. When you have told an adult, ask if you and your adult can go on CEOP and report the person who is cyber bulling you. Then go on to the child line website and ring them with your adult and tell them what this mean person has been doing. Remember to keep safe.

    By Elsie and Qasim

  4. 0272017kw says:

    Today we have learned that being nice is imporntant because we celebrate our differences. In my school were I go to with all my friends, we celebrate all our difference because we care about everyone’s differences. I trust CEOP because it tells us what we should do when someone is bulling or bulling on online and we can report it .

    By Khirad and Jazily.

  5. 0272017mp1 says:

    If We Need to Report Online Behav8our we can use CEOP.
    By Miah,Jenaro and Zara.

  6. 0272017as says:

    If we need to report online behaviour we can use CEOP.

  7. GulAyesha says:

    If someone is saying something to you that is very mean then you can get upset. You should go to your sweet parents and they will help you. Then if your parents tell you to get off you have to go to CEOP and report that person who is being nasty things to you. Finally, go to ChildLine if it is serious.

    By Gul Anas I

  8. 0272017cs says:

    Today we have learned about Childline. It has a website that you can go on. Everyone has a trusted adult that help you if someone is mean to you.If some one is mean to you, you have to tell a parent that is at home with you and your parent will say report them. By Lexi and Corey.

  9. 0272017ai says:

    We have learned about being friends. We should be kind and helpful to others and we should not be rude. By anas Inayah W

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