We love reading!

This week in our topic lessons we have been doing lots of reading and exploring about Ancient Egypt. We read all about pharaohs and their role in Ancient Egypt. We picked out the main ideas and highlighted them to help us, then we answered a mixture of inference and retrieval questions all about what a pharaoh does, the symbols of kingship and what characteristics were needed to be successful leader.

What were the most important roles of a pharaoh?

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Hugh Templeton

Today, Hugh Templeton visited Oxford Grove and Year 3 took part in a workshop reflecting on our Stone Age topic.

First, we produced some great sketches of Stone Age cave paintings ensuring we used our pencil correctly and included a variety of shapes. We then added colour to our paintings to add more detail, we mixed the colours carefully and used tissue to create different effects.

We really enjoyed reflecting on our Stone Age knowledge and working with Hugh Templeton.

What was your favourite part of the afternoon?


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A Life

Hello parents and carers,

Today we took part in a healthy eating workshop. We learnt what foods are good for us such as salads, fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. We also learnt about foods that aren’t good for our bodies that we should only eat sometimes, such as chocolate, cake, chips and sweets.

We also explored the affects water on our body and how it makes us strong, keeps us hydrated and helps us to grow. We discussed how important exercise is for our bodies, to make us fit and strong, which we practised in the afternoon.

We learnt how important it is to brush our teeth to help our teeth grow and keep them strong and clean.

We really enjoyed this workshop and can’t wait for the next one!

Miss Cope and 3C:)

How many times a day should we brush our teeth and how long for?

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Christmas Fun!

This week, in the afternoons we have created lots of different Christmas crafts. We made baubles, wreaths and Christmas cards for our friends and family.

We also had our Christmas party this week and had a special visit from Father Christmas! We sat with 3B and enjoyed our delicious party food.

We also had a Christmas disco where we played lots of fun party games such as musical bumps and musical statues. We even had a dance competition, where we showed our best dance moves.

Have a great Christmas break 3C!

Miss Cope:)


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Christmas Pantomime

This week we had great fun watching our Christmas pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’, as our smiley reward for this term. We all worked very hard to fill our smiley cards by behaving in the Oxford Grove way, acting sensibly around school and always trying our best.

We all gathered into the school hall and enjoyed spending time together as a school, celebrating our fantastic efforts and achievements of the Autumn term.

What was your favourite part of the pantomime?


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Bridges Workshop!

This week Year 3 went on a brilliant trip to the Bolton Science and Technology centre where we took part in a bridge workshop. We looked at the different bridges in the United Kingdom and worked in groups to build bridges out of different materials. Once we had built our bridges we tested them to see which was the strongest and why. We had lots of fun and we are looking forward to doing lots more work about bridges over the next few weeks.

Can you remember the 3 types of bridges we discussed?

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All About Shadows

Our new Science topic is light and over the last few weeks we have been exploring how light travels. We have been making shadows and investigating the different materials we can use to make the darkest shadow in preparation for making our own puppets next week.

What type of material should we use for our shadow puppets?

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Stone Age Workshop

Last week we took part in a Stone Age workshop. We had great fun exploring different artefacts and re visiting our Stone Age topic. We had a close up look at the different weapons that were used and the different types of clothing they wore. It was great fun!

What was your favourite part of the workshop?

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Anti Bullying Week 2019

This week has been Anti Bullying Week. We have had lots of discussions about what bullying is, how to spot it and how to prevent it. We brainstormed our ideas and also discussed the impact of cyber bullying.
In PSHE we have started to create our own anti bullying leaflets, to inform and guide other people when trying to tackle bullying.


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Maths Fun!

This week in our maths lessons, we have been using the grid method to solve multiplication problems. We have been using our times tables knowledge to help us and we have been setting it out beautifully in our books. Miss Cope has been very impressed!

Can you work out the answer to 45 X 5?

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