Computing- Lesson 5

Today, we have been discussing how to report bad behaviour online. We have been thinking about trusted adults we could speak to, as well as websites and helplines.

What have you learnt today?
Who would you report to and how?

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13 Responses to Computing- Lesson 5

  1. 0272017mp says:

    If you get online bulled you can go and ask you parents to go to CEOP . The CEOP will
    help an you can report them it is okay if your parents say no. You can play another game or turn your game off and play with your friends.

  2. 0272017sh says:

    We should report any online Abuse.
    you can report to an ACLULT or CEOP.
    Seton Julia

  3. 0272017cm says:

    We should report any online abuse. you can report to an adult or CEOP. Faith catalina

  4. Ubayd says:

    We have learnt that when there is something serious online you should tell CEOP but if it is not too serious you should tell a trusted adult or a friend. You can also tell childline. If
    someone online says something nasty tell a trusted adult. Only tell ceop or childline if something is serious tell CEOP,childline.ESA,Aliayn,UBAYD

  5. 0272017pc says:

    Today we have been Learning about ceop.Ceop is if you are bullied then tell the online security👮🏼.How to get on is the school Blogs there is a sine called ceop.It could help you with the person that is bullying👮🏻‍♂️you it won’t bully again😁.

  6. 0272017dl says:

    We should. report any online abuse.
    You can report to an adult or CEOp.
    SuNAiNAHn Dominik

  7. Muskan says:

    We should report any online abuse.You can repot to an adult or CEOP. If someone will be not nice to you on online you will tell your adults. Don’t use to much I-pad and laptop , phone.

  8. 0272017ta says:

    We have learned that if we see something online that is very mean you can report. You can tell a grownup about that you have seen. You would report it to a website that you can tell some people about it.We have seen that online bullying is not nice and you should get a adult.👍🏻

  9. Elizabeth says:

    We learnt about that if you get bulled online and it is serious then tell a trusted adult then if he or she says you can report what happened then you can report it.
    We can tell CEOP and if anyone’s bulling you and you type on google things that will keep me safe and you see CEOP tell an adult and then it will be ok.We learnt to go on google and go on CEOP and childline.


  10. 0272017ub says:

    If something go’s wrong online tel a trusted adult.

    Isaac &Umair

  11. Aiyan says:

    IF something is going rong on the internet then tell your mum or the CEOP
    The CEOP is a thing that helps people on the internet
    The CEOP is a orgnashan that helps pepele
    To is and Aiyan

  12. Alfie says:

    We should report any online abuse.
    You can report to an adult or CEOP
    If someone be mean to you block theme but tell a adult first.
    Alfie and Eshaal

  13. Farida says:

    Today we have learned that we shouldn’t report to anyone that is not serious. If someone is being nasty or mean you should tell a trusted adult and when you have done that go on the website CEOP and write what is happening to you. You should never ignore a nasty post, you should always tell your mother, father, auntie, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, teacher, grandmother, grandfather if you feel hurt and alone.

    Farida, Evie, Gabriella

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