Geography Boat Lift Trip

Today we have been on an exciting Geography trip as we have just started learning about rivers. We went to Anderton Boat Lift, where we did a fun workshop using sand and water to see how rivers can change shape and direction. After lunch we boarded a boat and went in the boat lift to get over to the canal! We had a great day out and really enjoyed the boat ride!

What did you enjoy the most 3B?

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4 Responses to Geography Boat Lift Trip

  1. Abdullah.Chaudhry. Habib says:

    I enjoyed when I went on the boat lift , I enjoyed looking at River Wever and I loved it when we were eating lunch with our friends.

  2. Jaishika patel says:

    My favroute part was when we went on the boat lift.

  3. Oliver ackroyd says:

    I enjoyed the boat best on our trip

  4. Grace's mum says:

    This looks like a fun day out. Grace said that she loved it.

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