Chester Zoo!

Today we had a wonderful trip to Chester Zoo! We saw lots of different animals which links to the animals we have been learning about in our Science lessons. We saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes, flamingos, painted dogs, meerkats, chimpanzees and many more!

Thank you Miss Harvey we had such a wonderful time and even some of us fell asleep on the coach back!

What was your favourite part of today?

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5 Responses to Chester Zoo!

  1. amanda worthington says:

    Looks like You all have an amazing time, Bella was very excited that you were going to Chester zoo because She is a member of the zoo and was excited to show Miss Harrison around. She had lots to tell me when she got home. Such a fantastic experience for them all thank you for taking them.

  2. Miss Harrison says:

    I’m glad Bella had such a lovely time! She definitely knew her way around the park if we took a wrong turn šŸ™‚

  3. Ella says:

    I bet you all had a good time and was so happy to see all the animals and did u get to feed them it was good when I went in yes 2 it was so fun so I bet it was fun

    By Ella

  4. Arshia says:

    Hi 2h Iā€™m arshia from 6j did you have fun at the Chester Zoo what kind of animals did you see ? what did you do? did you have fun or not do ? What is your favourite animal at the zoo my favourite is šŸ˜ what about you.byyy have a good time

  5. Daniel Patel says:

    It must have been fun going to Chester zoo . If you were to go again where would you go first and why ? The African rhinos are probably my favourite !

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