We are MAD scientists!

In our Science lessons we have been investigating WHY we need to wash our hands.

Why do you think we need to wash our hands?

“We need to wash our hands before we eat” – Aman

“We was our hands so we don’t spread germs” – Treasure

“We was our hands so that no dirt can get in your tummy” – Mohammed

“We need to cut our nails too so that dirt does not get trapped under them” – Finlay

So we set up three pieces of bread on the 24th January. One piece nobody touched, another piece Simon touched with REALLY dirty hands and the last piece Oliver touched after he washed his hands with soap.

Next week in our Science lesson we are looking at the results from our experiment.

Which piece of bread do you think will be the moldiest?

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2 Responses to We are MAD scientists!

  1. Treasure says:

    I think the moldiest bread will be the one that Simon touched as he got germs on his
    hands from touching the bin.

  2. Jaishika says:

    The mouldiest bread is the dirty hand one.Jaishika

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