On Wednesday, Year 2 took part in two A-Life workshops. In the morning session, we learned about how our bodies work, what a healthy diet looks like and what other things we need to do to stay healthy, e.g. brush our teeth and wash our hands.

In the afternoon we learned what activities we can do to keep or bodies strong and fit.

Can you answer these questions about staying healthy?
How many glasses of water should we drink?
How many portions of fruit and vegetables should we eat?
How much sleep do we need?                                                                                                                Why do we need to brush our teeth?
Why do we need to wash our hands?                                                                                                    How much activity do we need to do?


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We are all unique!

In our PHSE lesson today we have been thinking about the meaning of the word unique and what makes us unique individuals.

We learned that being unique means that there is no-one else in the whole world that is the same as us!

We worked fantastically well together and created a huge list of all the ways that we are unique.

Here are some of the things we thought about….

  • hair, eye and skin colour
  • hair style and length
  • voice
  • birthday (age)
  • favourite; food, drink, colour, number, person, vehicle, letter of the alphabet, animal/pet, subject at school, sport/team, book/author, clothing/shoes, games, toy, tv show, shop, film, restaurant, ride at a theme park, artist/piece of artwork, superhero, emoji
  • abilities and talents; swimming, gymnastics, running, dancing, singing, juggling,
  • languages you speak
  • religion you follow
  • what you do in your spare time; hobbies, activities, routines
  • personality
  • family structure
  • where you live
  • what school you go to
  • who your friends are
  • places you have been to
  • experiences you have had
  • fingerprints

What makes you unique?

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Christmas Crafts

On our final day before the Christmas break, we enjoyed a fun afternoon of crafting. In addition to a Christmas card, we all made a reindeer hanger for the Christmas tree or our bedroom door. We loved being able to customise our reindeer’s outfit and everyone agreed they were a fantastic treat. Thank you Miss Harvey!


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Magical mechanisms!

This week we have been working hard to develop our DT skills. We wrote a story about a trip to Bolton, to see all the landmarks we have learned about in History and Geography. Then we planned how we could include different types of simple mechanisms to make a moving book for children in Year 1.

We included a slider, wheel and lever in our final design and did a fantastic job of making the book. It was challenging at times to cut and join the materials but the results are really impressive and the children took great pride in making their books look bright and colourful.

Here are some of the children with their favourite page from their book. They can’t wait until they are allowed to take them home!

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Smiley Reward Pantomine

On Tuesday the children who had filled their smiley card this half term earned their reward; a visit from the Pantomime!

Everyone packed into the school hall to watch a special performance of Sleeping Beauty performed by a touring production company. The children (and staff) had a fabulous afternoon together and made some lovely memories of their time at Oxford Grove.

What did you like best about the Pantomime?

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Christmas Performances

What an amazing week we have shared in Year 2C!

On Monday we performed the Christmas show  ‘Everyone Loves a Baby.’ The children were  confident, energetic and loved entertaining their friends and family who had come to watch. Every single one of the children did themselves, their grown ups and the staff at Oxford Grove proud. They were absolutely fantastic!

Did you come and watch the show? Let us know what you thought of it.

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Home Sweet Home

In science we are currently learning about animal and their habitats. A habitat is the place an animal lives. There are many different kinds of habitats around the world; some are hot, some are cold, some are dry and others are rainy. But no matter what the environment is like, each has plants and animals that are specially adapted to living there.

What habit do these animal live in? How are they adapted to their habitat?


Habitats must provide food, water and shelter for the animals that live there. Unfortunately, some habitats are being damaged and even destroyed by the actions of humans. Forests are being cut or burnt down, seas, rivers and lakes are being polluted and the polar icecaps are melting. Without our help, these habitats and the animals that live in them may become extinct.

What can you do to help protect the environment?

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Are we the same or different?

In our PHSE lesson today we have been thinking about the many ways that we are the same and different.
Here are some of our ideas…

We realised that although we are all different and unique individuals, we are all the same because we are all human! At Oxford Grove we are proud that we love and respect each other regardless of our differences.

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Road Safety Week

This week (18th-24th November) is Road Safety Week and our PHSE learning has been focused on ensuring the children know how to say safe on and near roads.

Today, Year 2C have been outside learning how to cross a road safely. We all took turns practising on the zebra crossing in front of school. We discussed safe places to cross a road, why we need to look and listen carefully for cars and why we must walk quickly but never run.
When we returned to class we wrote a set of instructions to tell someone else how they can cross roads safely too. Can you create a list of do’s and don’ts for safely crossing a road?


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Anti-Bullying Week

This year Anti-Bullying Week took place from 11th to 15th November.

As part of our e-safety and PHSE curriculum, 2C have been exploring their feelings, the virtues of respect and tolerance and the impact of bullying.

We have been learning that bullying can take place in person or online. Bullying is when someone behaves disrespectfully and hurts another person’s body or feelings, several times on purpose. Bullying is never acceptable and the children have been taught what to do if they think they, or someone else, are being bullied.

Here are some of the lovely Anti-Bullying posters that the children created…


The National Bullying survey in 2016 showed that:

  • 50% of young people were bullied for how they look
  • 81% of young people were called horrible names
  • 55% of young people were left out by friends

In 2C, we are proud to be part of the Oxford Grove community where everyone is valued and respected ‘just the way they are’.

#choosekindness  #respect  #saynotobullying


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Poetry and Poppies Workshop

This morning we had a special visitor come to teach us some history of the First World War through drama. We imagined what it would be like to ‘pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’ and go off to war. We acted out the scene in the trenches on the first Christmas when peace fell for just long enough for ‘Tommy’ and ‘Fritz’ to sing, play football and exchange gifts together. We were respectful in remembering the sacrifice that the soldiers who gave their lives made and the hard work of the women who kept everything running while the men were away.

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Rules for Playing Games Online

Today we watched a video of Jessie and friends as part of our online safety learning.

We learned that to stay safe playing games online, we need to follow some simple rules:

  1. Don’t talk to or play games with anyone online that you don’t know in real life. They may not be who you think they are!
  2.  Keep your password a secret and never let anyone else pretend to be you online.
  3.  It’s ok to say no if someone asks you to do something; especially if you know it’s not the right thing to do.
  4. Always be polite and respectful to people online.
  5.  If someone says or does something that gives you a funny feeling in your tummy, tell a trusted adult and turn the game off.


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Measuring Up

This week in our maths lessons we have been learning how to measure accurately using a ruler to the nearest cm, 0.5 cm and even to the nearest 0.1cm (1mm)!

Can you write a set of instructions for someone telling them the steps they need to follow to measure accurately with a ruler?

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Fantastic Fruit Kebabs

We had a fantastic guided reading lesson this morning. We showed that we understand the key features of instruction texts by ordering a set of instructions that had been cut up into pieces. Then we followed them to make a fruit kebab.

I’m not sure whether we enjoyed the making or eating most!

Can you write a set of instructions for something you do everyday, like getting dressed or making your breakfast?

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Ways of Communicating

In our computing lesson today, we have been exploring all the different ways that we can send a message to each other with without technology.

Look at all the fabulous ideas we had!

We then role-played using each method of communication. We thought it was awesome!

Can you tell what technology we are using to communicate?

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Lovely Landmarks!

Miss Harvey and Mrs Clarke were wowed this week by the amazing models of Bolton landmarks that the children had made at home with their grown ups. All the children who brought in a model received a headteacher’s award to recognise their hard work and engagement with their learning. Miss Harvey found it almost impossible to choose any winners but after much deliberation she chose three children to receive an additional prize. Who knew that homework could be such fun!

Can you tell which landmarks the children made? Which Bolton landmark do you think is most significant?




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What does the UK look like?

In today’s geography lesson we have been making maps of the UK using plastercine to learn what the UK looks like. It was good fun but it’s a lot trickier than it looks!

Can you make a map of the UK and label the countries? Which is the biggest country in the UK? Which country is Bolton in? What is the capital of England?

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Our Amazing Assembly!

I was incredibly proud of Year 2C when they performed their class assembly for teachers, KS1 and grown-ups this morning.

The children had worked hard rehearsing their lines and it was wonderful to see everyone speaking and singing so confidently. Their oral retelling of Willy the Wimp was fabulous! Well done everyone! Did you enjoy it?

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Singing Sensations!

This week a new Glee club started for Year 2C and we will meet every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks. Today we have enjoyed singing songs that are our personal favourites but over the coming weeks we will turn our attention to practising the songs for the Christmas play. As you can see, we are all having an absolute ball!

  What is your favourite song? What do you like about it?


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What would an explorer find exciting about Bolton?

Today we started our new geography topic about Bolton and the UK.

We learned that explorers use a map and a compass to find their way to exciting places. We found Bolton on a UK map in an atlas and identified other places that are located north, east, south and west of our hometown.

Can you remember the name of the four countries that make up the UK? Where is Bolton?


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A triumphant success!

The completion of our elephant sculpture was a little delayed due to artist having an accident and being unable to come into school. However, we think we have done a pretty good job of decorating it all by ourselves. What do you think?



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Smiley Reward Day

All the children who had earned their smiley reward had the most fabulous time today when a very special visitor came to Oxford Grove….Jam the T-Rex!



We also got to make a film clip of Rex chasing us using a green screen and movie app.

Click on the link above to watch one of our films!

Do you think we will be famous movie stars when we grow up?

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Bringing the history of Oxford Grove to life

On 24th September Year 2C very sensibly walked to the site where our school used to be on Oxford Grove.

Mr Kelly told us what the school used to look like when it was built in 1904 and that the school was knocked down in 2000 when our new school opened on Shepherd’s cross Street. We could see our new school from the old site!


After the visit we still had lots of questions about what school life was like in the past, so we wrote our questions down and interviewed Mr Kelly, who used to be the headteacher.

We learned lots of amazing things about Oxford Grove in the past.

What fascinating facts can you remember?

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Marvellous Maths

This term we are working hard to secure our basic skills; counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, adding and subtracting, number bonds to 10 and the 2, 5 and 10 x table facts.

We are making fantastic progress moving on from using concrete apparatus and jottings to 100 squares, empty number lines and mental methods for calculation.

Remember to keep practising your number bonds and times table facts at home!



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Sensational sculpture

This afternoon, Year 2C have enjoyed having an artist come in to work with us. Using the elephant sculptures in Bolton town centre as a stimulus, we worked in teams to create the parts of an elephant from foam, newspaper and masking tape. We then joined the parts together and added a layer of paper mache over the top to make it really strong.

We are looking forward to the artist returning in a fortnight so we can decorate it!

Do you think you could make a sculpture like this at home? Post a photograph to show us your creation.

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Wonderful writing!

This week our writing has been inspired by the story  ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’.

We have written some fabulous noun phrases to describe the setting of a Kenyan village, retold the story, written a diary entry form the perspective of the main character Lila and written an alternative version of the story about a different type of weather.

We have also been busy writing in our topic lessons, recording all the amazing things we are leaning about the history of Bolton and our school.

What was your favourite piece of writing?


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Craft Club

This term 2C are taking part in Craft Club after school. We have made jellyfish and dream catchers using paper plates. We have lots of other things planned including recycling milk bottles into elephants.

Year 2, can you remember the other materials you used?

What did you like about your design?

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Amazing Art

In our art lessons this term, we are learning about the work of local artist Shahida Ahmed. Shahida produces work in many different types of media but is most famous for her clay sculptures, which are inspired by the colours and symbols of her Pakistani heritage and Muslim faith.

We sketched and then painted one of Shahida’s sculptures of a cube. This took a massive amount of patience and perseverance by the children and they did an amazing job!

Blog and let me know what you enjoyed most about our lesson.

You can find out more information about Shahida Ahmed and images of her work through the following BBC webpage.


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A splendidly sunny afternoon of sport

The glorious sunshine today meant that Year 2 could enjoy their sports afternoon outside!

We all had a fabulous time taking part in egg and spoon, running, jumping and bean bag races. The grown-ups, who came to watch, were impressed by our sporting talent and the impeccable sportsmanship that we showed.

In true Oxford Grove style, everyone was proud of themselves and each other!

What was your favourite race?

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Brilliant Bolton!

In our topic work this week we have been learning about significant places in Bolton. We have looked at photographs of these places in the past and present to see how they have changed over time.

Can you identify these significant places from their old photograph? Have you ever been to these places? What do you know/can you find out about them? Blog and share your fascinating facts about brilliant Bolton.


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