Librarian visit!

Today we had a visit from a librarian who told us all about her important job at the library near our school. She taught us how to use our library more and more to get books and take them home and then bring them back when we have finished. She brought along two of her favourite books to read to us which we enjoyed a lot.

Thank you very much for coming to tell us about your wonderful job!

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Chester Zoo!

Today we had a wonderful trip to Chester Zoo! We saw lots of different animals which links to the animals we have been learning about in our Science lessons. We saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes, flamingos, painted dogs, meerkats, chimpanzees and many more!

Thank you Miss Harvey we had such a wonderful time and even some of us fell asleep on the coach back!

What was your favourite part of today?

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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back 2H! I hope you all have had a lovely Easter Holiday and a well deserved rest.

This term we are in for a lot of fun-filled lessons. Here are some of the topics we will be looking at…

In our Sciences lessons we are looking at animals and their habitats and we will be visiting Chester Zoo! WOW!

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In our Geography lessons we will be focusing on the book ‘Meerkat Mail’ and looking and where Sunny the Meerkat lives. We will be looking at the different hot and cold continents and oceans around the world.

Image result for meerkat mail

In our DT lessons we will be looking at Puppets. We will research, design, make and evaluate our own Pop Up Puppets and have the chance to use them in our very own Puppet Theatre!

Image result for pop up puppet

I hope you are as excited as I am to start back and start our new topics!
Let me know what you are most excited for.

Love Miss Harrison.


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This week we have been looking at the Easter Story in RE. We have also created our own Easter cards. Here are the two winners of our competition…

Have a lovely Easter break, stay safe and I will see you soon.

Love from Miss Harrison x x

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This term in music we have learnt a new song called ‘Time on our hands’.

We have had to learn how to sing high and low pitches and keep in time with the rhythm.


We have really enjoyed this song and singing with our friends.

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Life Caravan 27.3.19

Today we had a very special visit from the Life Caravan!

Our focus was learning about feelings. We talked about how we may feel and why we might feel this way.

We also had a visit from Harold the Giraffe but his friend Kiki was not very nice! We worked together to help them become friends again by talking about their feelings.’

Remember to be mindful of what you might say to someone else as it might make them feel unhappy.

Miss Harrison is looking for lots of good friends this week who can make other children feel happy!

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Class Assembly

Today was our class assembly all about Australia!

We had a great time telling everyone all our knowledge of our topic!

“Did you know Australia is half way across the world?” – Shaheen

“We know that Australia has lots of different animals we don’t find here” – Isabelle

We REALLY enjoyed singing about BABY SHARK!

Thank you so much for coming to watch, we hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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World Book Day!

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We have had a brilliant World Book Day today!

We have been busy dressing up, sharing our favourite books and writing our book reviews for our friends!

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Today we had a visit from the Fun Food Chef. In our science lessons we have been learning all about healthy eating and different healthy foods. In groups today we had made strawberry milkshake, vegetarian pizza and a granola yogurt! We even got to EAT the food after we had made it! Mmmm delicious! Thank you Fun Food Chef we have learnt lots and lots and we hope to cook with you again soon!

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Liz Millions

Today we had a very special visit from Liz Millions. She is an author and an illustrator and we learned that means she writes AND draws the pictures for her books. She read us some of her favourite books and she even taught us how to draw! We have had such a fantastic day today! Thank you Liz Millions we hope to see you again soon.

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