World Book Day!

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We have had a brilliant World Book Day today!

We have been busy dressing up, sharing our favourite books and writing our book reviews for our friends!

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Today we had a visit from the Fun Food Chef. In our science lessons we have been learning all about healthy eating and different healthy foods. In groups today we had made strawberry milkshake, vegetarian pizza and a granola yogurt! We even got to EAT the food after we had made it! Mmmm delicious! Thank you Fun Food Chef we have learnt lots and lots and we hope to cook with you again soon!

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Liz Millions

Today we had a very special visit from Liz Millions. She is an author and an illustrator and we learned that means she writes AND draws the pictures for her books. She read us some of her favourite books and she even taught us how to draw! We have had such a fantastic day today! Thank you Liz Millions we hope to see you again soon.

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Smiley Reward – Zulu Dancers

Today it was our smiley reward. We had a very special treat from some special people in Africa. They were called the Zulu Dancers. They performed for us in the morning by singing and dancing. We had a workshop in the afternoon to work with the Zulu Dancers to learn a song. The whole school did a super performance to the school at the end of the day.

We have had such an amazing day and we cannot wait for our next smiley reward. THANK YOU Miss Harvey!

What could it be?

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In our PSHE lessons we have been looking at the differences between us all. We decided to focus on our families. We read a story called ‘Tango makes three’. This story is about a little penguin who has two dads but we learn that they still love him just the same. We had some time to think about our own families and how they are the same and different.

We know that all families are different but as long as they love and care for us it doesn’t matter.

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Year 2 Trip to the Mosque.

We have been on our first year 2 trip to a Mosque in Bolton.

This links to our learning in RE as we have been looking at who Muslim people are and what they believe.

At the Mosque we learned lots of different things and got to look at the real life items that we have been learning about. We saw a Qur’an, a Rehal, two different prayer rooms, a wash room and lots more!

We have had a great time today and have enjoyed learning about a different religion.

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Good Friends!

We have been working very hard to be good friends in Year 2. We have been:

  • being helpful to each other and all the teachers.

  • using our manners ALOT.

  • and saying lots of kind words to each other.

Miss Harvey has given out another one of her KINDESS COINS this week…I wonder who it will be for… AND… who will be next…?

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We are MAD scientists!

In our Science lessons we have been investigating WHY we need to wash our hands.

Why do you think we need to wash our hands?

“We need to wash our hands before we eat” – Aman

“We was our hands so we don’t spread germs” – Treasure

“We was our hands so that no dirt can get in your tummy” – Mohammed

“We need to cut our nails too so that dirt does not get trapped under them” – Finlay

So we set up three pieces of bread on the 24th January. One piece nobody touched, another piece Simon touched with REALLY dirty hands and the last piece Oliver touched after he washed his hands with soap.

Next week in our Science lesson we are looking at the results from our experiment.

Which piece of bread do you think will be the moldiest?

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In our Geography lessons we have been exploring Australia!

We have been using maps and globes to find Australia on a map. We now know it is a VERY long way away from Oxford Grove in Bolton!

We have been exploring the Aussy climate because we have learned that Australia has opposite seasons to the UK. We know now that the hot Australian weather attracts lots of different kinds of animals that we wouldn’t find in the UK!

Can you remember any of the names of these plants or animals or where we might find them?


And I’m sure you can tell me the name of this FRUIT that made you all giggle 🙂


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A – Life

Last week we had a visit from A-Life. During our session Miss C gave us lots of information about how to keep our bodies fit and healthy and the importance of this.

We also worked in small groups and had the opportunity to explore different activities relating to keep fit and healthy.

In the afternoon we had Fun Fitness Circuit Training which really got our heart rates beating and blood pumping around our bodies.

We are very worn out from all the exercise but had lots of fun. 🙂

Thank you A-life!

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