Children’s Art Week 2020

This week is Children’s Art Week 2020. The theme for this week is The Natural World. If you would like to get involved and create a piece of art linked to this theme, share it on here so we can all see your amazing work!

Enjoy being creative 2H!
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National School Sports Week 2020.

This week is National School Sports Week! This takes place in the last week of June every year to celebrate the important role of Physical Education in helping people’s well being.

Youth Sport Trust are giving everyone who registers free videos and activity cards to help plan a series of challenges at Home. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Here is a link to the website for you to register and access these free resources:

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Hi 2H, This week your teachers are writing your reports and thinking back on how well you have all done this year. You should be very proud and we cannot wait for you to read them 🙂 

We would like you to comment on this post, thinking back about your year in 2H. You can comment about something you have enjoyed doing this year in school (smiley rewards, trips, workshops, a special lesson that you can remember) or something that you are thankful for.

REMEMBER.. the blogging competition is still on. Therefore, if you try hard to make your comment extra special, you could be in with a chance to win a £50 voucher for Argos! 

Enjoy commenting,

Miss Campbell.


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Water Safety!

Supporting Drowning Prevention Week starts this Friday! Learning to be safe near water is an important part of every child’s education. The Canal & River Trust have a variety of activities available for you to download and learn about water safety.

Can you tell me the risks around water and what you can do to stay safe? CLUE: what does SAFE stand for?

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w.c. 20th April: Be kind to your mind!

We have done a lot of work in Year 2 about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, so that we can live a long and happy life.

Can you remember all the things we need to do to keep our bodies healthy?

Sometimes we forget that it is equally important to take care of our mental health as our physical health, so this week I would like you to take some time out each day to be kind to your mind as well as your body!

Here are a few ideas but do what makes you feel relaxed and happy…(as long as it is safe!)

  1. Get plenty of sleep!
  2. Go for a walk or a bike ride to get some exercise and fresh air
  3. Chill out in the garden and listen to some music
  4. Read a book or magazine
  5. Draw, paint, colour or craft – What amazing things can you make?
  6. Watch a cartoon or film that makes you laugh
  7. Connect with your friends and family – call or message people you miss
  8. Write a list of all the things you are thankful for

Let me know what you do this week to be kind to your mind x

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w.c.18th May: National Thank a Teacher Day

Wednesday 20th May 2020 is National Thank a Teacher Day!

Teachers work hard all year around to make school a happy, fun and safe place to learn. Even though school is currently closed for most children, your teachers are still working; setting and marking your home learning, preparing for when it is safe to return to school and taking care of key worker children.

National thank a teacher day is a chance for everyone to say thank you to special teachers that have helped them to learn and grow.

Would you like to send a message, card or picture to one or all of teachers? They would love to hear from you! You can either download a template from this website or come up with a design of your own.

Why not take a photo of yourself with your ‘Thank You’ and post it on the blog?

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w.c. 11th May: Take on an active challenge!

Have you been remembering to get outside for a daily walk or other form of exercise like riding your bike? Have you been keeping fit with Joe Wicks or joining in with your clubs and hobbies online?

It’s tempting to sit around all day doing our school work, watching TV and playing games but we all feel happier, healthier and more energetic if we increase our activity level.

I promise that being exercise doesn’t have to be boring or take ages either! Remember that anything that gets your body moving and makes you feel slightly out of breath is really good for your body and mind.

Here is a link to some fun active challenges that only take 1 minute each…

Why not arrange a competition with your parents, siblings or your classmates via the blog? Let me know how you get on then I will try to beat you!

Which challenge will you try first?

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w.c. 4th May: National Share a Story Month 2020

As you know, Miss Harrison loves to read and it occurred to me the other day, when I saw this quote in school, that it has never been so relevant to our lives.

We might all be at home much more than we are used to but that doesn’t mean that we can’t travel! Armed with our imagination and a good book we can can go anywhere and meet anyone at any time in history…How amazing is that!

Have you been reading at home? What is your favourite story? 

May is National Share a Story Month, so why not join in the celebrations by sharing a story with someone special? You could read a story to your grandparents on a videocall, to your neighbour over the fence or your siblings at bedtime…Where will a story take you? Blog and let me know!

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Time to fly little butterflies 🦋

Hello everyone! This week I have watched all the butterflies come out of their chrysalis and I was truly amazed.

First they make a little crack, then they begin to wiggle slowly and gently come out of their chrysalis. Their wings are all scrunched up small so they squirt the red liquid through their wings. You might be able to see some of it in the net.

After a couple of days in the net to let their wings get stronger it was time to release them. It was a beautifully sunny day and they couldn’t wait to get in the sunshine.

Even my cat Pebbles came out to say bye to our Jiggly Family as they all flew away. Hasn’t it been amazing to watch these amazing creatures turn from caterpillars to butterflies.

Can you work out how many days it took? Use the blog to help you and comment below. Love Miss Harrison. 

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Wow! Check out the change… 🐛 🦋

Good morning Year 2. I hope everyone is having a lovely half term. When I woke up this morning I found a beautiful butterfly waiting for me! The other caterpillars are still in their chrysalis changing into butterflies just like this one.

I did some research and found that butterflies love to eat strawberries so I gave them a snack. There is plenty fruit so the other butterflies will have some when its their turn to come out.

Just look at those beautifully patterned wings! I found out that butterflies squirt red liquid through their wings when they come out the chrysalis because their wings are all crumpled so need the liquid to stretch them out nice and big. 

Do you know the name of this type of butterfly? Can you do some research to find out and comment below.

Keep checking our blog to see what happens next. Love Miss Harrison 🙂 

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