End of Year Reports!

Hey 1B! You are all doing fantastic with your online learning! Keep up the hard work.

This week your teachers are writing your reports and are thinking back on how well you have done this year! Your teachers are so proud of you and you should be very proud of yourselves! We cannot wait for you to read them and share your achievements with your families.

Please could you leave a comment on this post, thinking back of your time in 1B. Let us know what you enjoyed doing this year when at school! Something that was really special to you (smiley rewards, school trips, workshops, a special lesson, something you achieved). This will be added to your report.


The blogging competition is still on! If you try hard to make your comment extra special, you could be in with a chance to win a £50 voucher for Argos! 

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21 Responses to End of Year Reports!

  1. 0272018ta says:

    My special lesson when we learned about different animals .
    I feel happy when I take smiley for my work.

    • 027brewern says:

      You deserve the smiley’s as you work very hard! I am glad you feel happy when you have achieved something – Miss Brewer 🙂

  2. Raul Barka says:

    I enjoyed when the naughty bus came to school. Raul

  3. Deren Bilge says:

    It was very nice day out when we have visited Bolton museum and seen many different animals, I enjoyed so much.

    • 027brewern says:

      I really enjoyed this trip too Deren. Do you remember looking at the fish in the aquarium?
      _ Miss Brewer

      • Deren Bilge says:

        Yes Miss Brewer I remember, fishes are my favourite too. Orange and yellow fishes was cute, some of them was sleeping.

  4. yahya says:

    i have enjoyed my time in year 1, the best thing was having Miss Brewer again, I will miss her so much. I loved the smiley rewards they were so much fun. I also liked the bit when the dinosaur came to me.

    • 027brewern says:

      Aw! Yahya I have loved teaching you too! I am sure we will still be seeing lots of each other!
      you will be amazing in year 2!

      The dinosaur was amazing I remember it came over to you!
      – Miss Brewer

  5. Deren Bilge says:

    Cosmic yoga was fun this week, remind me yoga club at school clubs we had so much fun after school clubs. Clubs are fun.

    • 027brewern says:

      I enjoyed coming to join one of your Yoga Club sessions! It was very relaxing and it made me feel calm. -Miss Brewer

  6. Wanda says:

    I really enjoyed the Minibeast Hunt. I found a snail then. It came out of it’s shell and left a lot of slime.

  7. Alfie says:

    I’ve loved having miss Brewer again for year 1 can we have you every year pleasee. I love the smiley sticker rewards that we get. My mum made me my own chart at home

    • 027brewern says:

      I loved having my class again! It makes me happy that your have enjoyed the time you had in year 1 Alfie!
      How full is your at home smiley chart??
      Miss Brewer 🙂

      • Alfie says:

        My charts now full at home now . I’m going to miss year 1. My brother is starting nursery and my mum said you will have him he tells everyone his names roo roo as my mum calls him that.

        • 027brewern says:

          That’s fantastic Alfie! I am going to miss my Year 1 Class. I know all the children will do amazing in Year 2 and your new teacher is lovely!
          I cannot wait to meet Riley! I like the name Roo roo! – Miss Brewer 🙂

  8. Alfie says:

    I will miss being in 1B

    • 027brewern says:

      What a fantastic year we had but you are going to make even more amazing memories this year Alfie! – Miss Brewer

  9. Alfie says:

    Im proud of my head teacher sticker that I got for my work my mum has kept it

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