Smiley Reward Day

All the children who had earned their smiley reward had the most fabulous time today when a very special visitor came to Oxford Grove….Jam the T-Rex!


We also got to make a film clip of him chasing us using a green screen and move app.

Click on the link to watch one of our films.

Do you think we will be famous movie stars when we grow up?

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Bringing the history of Oxford Grove to life

On 24th September Year 2C very sensibly walked to the site where our school used to be on Oxford Grove.

Mr Kelly told us what the school used to look like when it was built in 1904 and that the school was knocked down in 2000 when our new school opened on Shepherd’s cross Street. We could see our new school from the old site!


After the visit we still had lots of questions about what school life was like in the past, so we wrote our questions down and interviewed Mr Kelly, who used to be the headteacher.

We learned lots of amazing things about Oxford Grove in the past.

What fascinating facts can you remember?

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Marvellous Maths

This term we are working hard to secure our basic skills; counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, adding and subtracting, number bonds to 10 and the 2, 5 and 10 x table facts.

We are making fantastic progress moving on from using concrete apparatus and jottings to 100 squares, empty number lines and mental methods for calculation.

Remember to keep practising your number bonds and times table facts at home!



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Sensational sculpture

This afternoon, Year 2C have enjoyed having an artist come in to work with us. Using the elephant sculptures in Bolton town centre as a stimulus, we worked in teams to create the parts of an elephant from foam, newspaper and masking tape. We then joined the parts together and added a layer of paper mache over the top to make it really strong.

We are looking forward to the artist returning in a fortnight so we can decorate it!

Do you think you could make a sculpture like this at home? Post a photograph to show us your creation.

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Wonderful writing!

This week our writing has been inspired by the story  ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’.

We have written some fabulous noun phrases to describe the setting of a Kenyan village, retold the story, written a diary entry form the perspective of the main character Lila and written an alternative version of the story about a different type of weather.

We have also been busy writing in our topic lessons, recording all the amazing things we are leaning about the history of Bolton and our school.

What was your favourite piece of writing?


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Craft Club

This term 2C are taking part in Craft Club after school. We have made jellyfish and dream catchers using paper plates. We have lots of other things planned including recycling milk bottles into elephants.

Year 2, can you remember the other materials you used?

What did you like about your design?

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Amazing Art

In our art lessons this term, we are learning about the work of local artist Shahida Ahmed. Shahida produces work in many different types of media but is most famous for her clay sculptures, which are inspired by the colours and symbols of her Pakistani heritage and Muslim faith.

We sketched and then painted one of Shahida’s sculptures of a cube. This took a massive amount of patience and perseverance by the children and they did an amazing job!

Blog and let me know what you enjoyed most about our lesson.

You can find out more information about Shahida Ahmed and images of her work through the following BBC webpage.

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A splendidly sunny afternoon of sport

The glorious sunshine today meant that Year 2 could enjoy their sports afternoon outside!

We all had a fabulous time taking part in egg and spoon, running, jumping and bean bag races. The grown-ups, who came to watch, were impressed by our sporting talent and the impeccable sportsmanship that we showed.

In true Oxford Grove style, everyone was proud of themselves and each other!

What was your favourite race?

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Brilliant Bolton!

In our topic work this week we have been learning about significant places in Bolton. We have looked at photographs of these places in the past and present to see how they have changed over time.

Can you identify these significant places from their old photograph? Have you ever been to these places? What do you know/can you find out about them? Blog and share your fascinating facts about brilliant Bolton.


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Welcome back to Year 2C! I hope you enjoyed a restful holiday.

See the source image

Thank you to everyone who attended the ‘meet the teacher’ session after school on Monday. It was lovely to meet you all!

Year 2C have already been hard at work this week. We have been learning about place value in maths and writing sentences using capital letters and full stops based on the story Willy the Wimp by our class author Anthony Browne.

I will blog weekly to keep you updated on our amazing learning journey.

Mrs Clarke.

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Visit from Mrs Worsley

Today, Mrs Worsley (one of our governors) came in to talk to us about life in the past.

She had lots to tell us about different things in the past. We enjoyed talking about how life was different when Mrs Worsley was a child.

Tell me something you learned today, Year 1T.

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In Year 1, we love Art!

Our class artist is David Hockney. He painted lots of pictures of water and the sea.

This year, we have looked at different painting techniques to create pictures that look like water and waves.

What do you like best about Art, Year 1?

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Parent Reading Workshop

Today, we held a workshop for our adults to show them all the amazing work we do in reading!

We did some phonics activity to show them how we learn to read different words with different spellings.

Then we answered some questions about books. We answered different types of questions and showed our adults how we need to do different things to work out the answers.

What was your favourite part of our workshop, Year 1?

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Smiley Reward – the Military

Today, Year 1 had an amazing time at the Military Boot Camp for our smiley reward!

We enjoyed lots of fun games and activities – especially the inflatable obstacle course!

What was your favourite part, Year 1?


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In Year 1, we love maths!

We use lots of equipment to help us understand maths. We are brilliant at counting in tens, fives and twos, doubling and halving, and knowing addition and subtraction facts.

What do you like best about maths?

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Librarian Visit

Today we have enjoyed a visit from a librarian! Shah works at Bolton Central Library, and she told us all about the library and what you can do there.

We didn’t realise that we don’t have to be quiet!

She also shared some of the library books with us. We read a story about a crocodile, and a story about a troll. She even had a troll monster with her to show us!

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Our Trip to Southport

Yesterday, we had an amazing time on our trip to Southport!

We went on a coach to Ainsdale Beach, where we had lots of fun building castles and finding shells.

After lunch, we visited the Atkinson Museum, where we did a drama and History workshop all about holidays in the past at the seaside.

Tell me what you enjoyed about the trip, Year 1!

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Crime in Oxford Grove!

There has been a crime at Oxford Grove Primary School!

Outside 1T, some porridge was stolen! Somebody broke into our school and stole a small bowlful of porridge!

Year 1 investigated the crime scene and found lots of clues. They decided to check the CCTV.

We discovered it was Goldilocks! She is up to her old tricks again!

Year 1 did some excellent suspect descriptions of Goldilocks to hand over to the police, and they will get back to us when they detain the suspect.

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Junior STEM Lego Workshop

Today we have enjoyed a workshop with Nick from Junior STEM. He has helped us to build our own fairground ride from Lego.

We used an axel and created a pulley system with a motor so that the ride could spin around.

We then used the WeDo app to program our ride. We could make it spin, change the spin speed change the colour of the light, make messages appear and lots more!

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Mustabear’s Weekend with Khadijah

This weekend, Mustabear and I have had lots of fun.
When I came home 🏡 back from school me and musterbear had something to eat and got ready to go to my cousins wedding. We had lots of fun.
After my mum and dad took us to a dessert place 🍨 We chose chocolate pancakes. It was yummy 😋. Musterbear loved❤️the pancakes 🥞 and then we went 🏡.

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In Year 1, we absolutely love Science!

Our topic this half term is all about our senses. We have been using the log box to discover which musical instrument made the loudest noise.

Tell me about our investigation, Year 1.

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We have been learning about the Christian celebration of Easter and what it means. 

Tell me about a festival you celebrate, or what you are going to do over the Easter holidays.

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We love use Music in Year 1!

Today we were trying really hard to keep a steady beat and follow a rhythm pattern. This is really hard!

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Class Assembly

Today we have performed our class assembly all about Maths!

We counted in 2s, 5s and 10s. We chanted our number bonds to 10 and our doubles facts, too.

We know how important Maths is in everyday life!

Thanks to all the parents who could come along to watch us.

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Life Education Caravan

Today, we have had an amazing workshop in the Life Education Caravan!

We talked about healthy foods, and what healthy foods do for our body. We learned about different body parts and what these do in our body. We talked about why exercise is important for us. We also learned about good friendships, and how to look after and stand up for our friends.


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Parent Maths Workshop

Year 1 really loved their parent workshop today!

We were so happy to work with our parents. If our parents didn’t come, we worked with a partner. We looked at number lines and used counters in groups.

Tell me something you learned!


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Bug Hunt!

In Year 1, we really love Science! We loved it even more when we got to do a bug hunt this afternoon!

We were really lucky to find some insects and minibeasts – it wasn’t easy!

We used bug catching pots to have a close up look at them, and some of us were brave enough to touch them.

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World Book Day

We have had a brilliant World Book Day!

We all got to share our amazing costumes and our favourite books.

We have also written book reviews for our favourite books – check them out on this blog!


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My book review by Isaac

TITLE: Roblox Annual 2019

The book is about all the Roblox characters and how to play.

I like this book because like classic Noob.

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My book review by Talha

TITLE: The Seaside

Non fiction

The book is about the seaside.

I like this book because it is all abot the seaside.

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