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This week in the afternoons, we have started transition. We have been working in our new year 3 classroom beginning our new learning ready for year 3 in September! Next week in the afternoons, we will be working more on our new History topic which is the ‘Stone age’ as well as researching our new year 3 artist as part of our art topic. We have really enjoyed our first week of being year 3 children in the afternoon and can’t wait to spend more time in year 3 next week!

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Military Smiley Reward!

On Monday morning we had our Summer 1 term smiley reward with Military UK. We have all been working really hard to earn smilies to fill the first side of our charts!

We had lots of fun taking part in different activities throughout the morning. Our favourite activity was the bouncy castle assault course!



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Librarian Visit

This afternoon, we had a special visit from a Librarian! The lady told us all about her job in the local library and how anyone can join to read new books! Once you are in the library, you can stay and read books or even take them home to borrow!

She read us two of her favourite stories from the library before it was time to go home. We had a lovely afternoon finding out all about our local library!


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Fun in the Maths Area!

This week some children have been working hard in our class maths area working on maths topics we have done recently. We have been using the shape bags to play guess the shape and have been using the measuring jugs to measure capacity! We enjoy working in the maths area because it is fun and practical! We use the maths area for extra challenges as well as reinforcing new learning. 



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Chester Zoo Trip- Science learning!

Today we visited Chester Zoo as part of our Science animals topic. We have been learning all about different types of animals such as mammals and reptiles, herbivores and carnivores, habitats and even food chains. 

We had such a fun time looking at all of the different wild animals! We saw elephants, giraffes, lions, penguins, flamingos, rhinos, monkeys and much more!! We had such an exciting day finding out about all of these animals!!


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Welcome back after Easter!

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I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break!

This week we have been starting all of our fantastic new Topics for this half term!

In Science we are learning all about animals and living things which our exciting Chester Zoo trip links in with next week!

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In Geography we are learning all about the continents and oceans of the world! This week we have been reading Meerkat Mail and locating Africa where Sunny the Meerkat lives.

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In Design Technology we are going to be planning, designing and making a puppet for Miss Harrison’s puppet theatre using needles to sew!

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We have lots of exciting things coming up this half term year 2!

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In class we have been learning about the Easter story in RE. Christians celebrate Easter to remember Jesus.

At Easter time:

People give out eggs

Baby chicks are born

You can buy hot cross buns for your breakfast

Daffodils come out

You may see the Easter bunny!

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter break!

Miss Bimson x




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In Music this week we have been performing our song which we have been working on this half term ‘Time on our Hands’. We have been trying really hard to keep in time with the music and to pitch high and low at the correct times in the song. 

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The Life Caravan

Today the Life Caravan came to school and this morning we went inside to learn all about feelings and friendships. We met Harold the giraffe and when he went to a party one of his friends was a little bit mean so we gave him some advice on what to do! Harold listened to us and everyone made friends in the end!

We should always be kind to our friends and think about how others might feel.

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Parent Maths Morning

This morning parents were invited to come into our maths lessons to see the methods we use in year 2. We got the chance to show our mums, dads and grandparents how good we are at  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! They were very impressed with us!

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