Mosque Visit

This morning we went on a class trip to Zakaria Mosque in Bolton as part of our Religious Education learning. Our current RE topic is all about Muslims and the Muslim religion and we got to see lots of things we have been learning about!

We went into the different prayer rooms where we saw sacred objects including the Qur’an, washrooms where Muslims wash before prayers and also the library where different classes and learning takes place.

We really enjoyed our Mosque trip today and we were  able to see all the things we have been learning about in real life!

What was your favourite part of the visit 2B?

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Good Friends in 2B!

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In year 2 we have been working hard this week using our kind manners, being helpful and sharing to try and earn the ‘Good Friend’ award! This week Miss Harvey has given out another golden friendship coin! Who will be next?!

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Our Geography topic this half term is all about Australia. We have been learning about the climate and how it is different to the UK. On Wednesday we used the ipads to research the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. We found out facts about the animals and plants there.

Next week we will be creating some aboriginal art work as part of this topic!

Which animals can you find in the Great Barrier Reef?

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Aboriginal Art

This week as part of our Geography topic we have been creating our own Aboriginal art! We designed lizard templates and used red, yellow and green paint to decorate with dots. We tried to make different patterns to create an exciting effect!

Image result for lizard aboriginal art



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Today we had a special workshop from A-life! We talked about how to keep fit and healthy and took part in different activities and tasks. We worked together in groups to complete the activities including how to brush your teeth correctly and even which foods you should eat! We had lots of fun!


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Beautiful Handwriting in 2B!

This week in year 2 we have all been trying really hard with our joined up handwriting! We have been working on an explanation text and then editing and improving for our final draft. We have been making sure our writing is neat and joined up so we can earn a pen! Lots of children have earned their pen already! I wonder who will be next?!




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At Oxford Grove we all try really hard to get along and be nice with our friends. We have been thinking about how we can be kind to each other and how to help friends in need.

In class we have a new ‘good friend’ award which is given out each day to someone who has been a good friend. The good friend of the day gets to have a special chair cover for the whole day! If you get the good friend award lots of times you can get a special kindness coin from Miss Harvey.

I wonder who will win the good friend of the day next!

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Poet- Bernard Young

Today we had a very special visit from Bernard Young who is a children’s poet. We had an assembly in the morning where we listened to some of his poems and got to join in even with the guitar! After the assembly we went back to class and had a poem workshop where we created our own poem all about food and drink! It goes like this…

Food, food we like food

We eat strawberries, we eat grapes.
We eat blueberries, we eat pears.
We also eat bananas and oranges too.
We love mangos, how about you?

 Food, food we like food

We eat pizza, we eat fish.
We eat burger, we eat chips.
Sausage casserole is great for tea.
Why don’t you just sing with me?

Food, food we like food

 We eat cotton candy and carrot cake.
We eat haribo and jelly on a plate.
We eat lollipops and ice cream.
Popcorn and chocolate are in my dream.

Drinks, drinks we like drinks

Tea and coffee, water and milk.
Hot chocolate and orange juice.
Coca-cola and lemonade.
Tango, vimto and Lucozade.

 Drinks, drinks we like drinks.


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Writing in 2B

In year 2 we  love using our writing area! We have been working really hard this week making sure our writing includes: Capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, finger spaces, conjunctions and adjectives! In our class writing area we can practise skills we have learned in class independently.



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Cross-Curricular Writing

Related image

Our History topic is all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot! Today we have been writing our own newspaper reports to tell the story. We have had to pretend to be in role as a reporter to write this!

Can you remember the date of the gunpowder plot 2B?

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