Geography – compass directions

We are getting really good at Geography! We have spent lots of time looking at maps and finding different places using digital maps, such as our homes, Morrisons and Oxford Grove.

We have also learned about the four compass points: North, South, East and West.

We used compasses on our playground to explore what we could see in each compass direction.

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Mental Health

Mental health is very important. It is all about keeping happy in your mind, and cheering yourself up when you feel sad.

We have read ‘The Colour Monster’ which is all about emotions. Feelings that we should share include happiness; if you feel happy, you should share this feeling to make everyone around you happy too! Emotions that we should solve include sadness or anger; if you feel like this, ask an adult or a friend to help you solve what it making you feel this way, as these emotions don’t make us feel good.

Today, we watched a BBC assembly all about World Mental Health Day and talked about our feelings, especially now we are back at school and things are a bit normal, but a bit different too.

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In Year 1, we love PE! We like running around and playing lots of great games with Miss Makin and Mr Ralph. We like getting fit and healthy with lots of physical activity!

PE helps to keep us fit, and teaches us lots of different movement skills. It helps us to get plenty of exercise, and learn how to be healthy. We need to try our best in PE, just like in all of our lessons.

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Online Safety – Digiduck’s Big Decision

Today we have read the story of ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision’. Digiduck gets a silly picture of one of his friends, and has to decide whether to share it with all of his other friends.

We talked about how we would feel if somebody shared a picture of us that we didn’t like. We also talked about information about ourselves that we wouldn’t want shared with other people. We decided that it is important to keep personal information about ourselves (and about our friends) private by not sharing it, either on the internet or by telling other people.

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Online Safety – Troll Stinks!

Today in Computing, we have looked at how we should treat others, especially when we are talking online. It is very difficult to tell when somebody is joking when you are talking online, so it can be easy to upset somebody by accident.

We should always speak to people kindly, whether it is online or in real life. We also talked about how we talk online – speaking to real life friends and family is fine, but we should never accept a message from a stranger! And ALWAYS tell an adult who we are speaking to, and if something makes us upset or worried.

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Maths in Year 1

This week in Maths, we have been working on our understanding of number. We have been working on accurate counting, both forwards and backwards, and we have looked at how we can represent number in different ways. 

We looked closely at numbers 11-20 because these can be very tricky! We used bead strings, cubes and tens frames to show our numbers. We know that if we write the number the wrong way round, it actually says a different number, so we need to check carefully.

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Online Safety – Watching Videos

Today, we have talked about ways we can keep safe when we are online. This means when we are using a computer, laptop, phone or iPad. 

We talked about what we like to do online, and lots of us like to watch videos! Watching videos can be fun, but sometimes, we might see something we don’t like.

We talked about how, when we are watching videos, we should always:

  • be with an adult or tell our adults about what we are watching
  • tell an adult straight away if we see something that gives us a ‘funny tummy’ feeling 
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Our topic this term is Geography! We have started by looking at maps of our school. We found our playground – we could see the pirate ship!

We also found other places we know on the map, like Morrisons and the playground near school.

We know that we live in a town called Bolton, in a country called England. We are excited to see if we can find our homes on the maps next week!

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Our Pear Tree

We have had such a great Science afternoon! We visited the pear tree in the Key Stage 1 playground and saw the pears growing on it. Back in class, we cut up pears to look inside them, and we discovered that some pears have no grown enough to have seeds inside yet. We talked about what the pear seeds would grow into. 

We are looking forward to seeing the pear tree again next half term to look at how the tree has changed.

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Sports Afternoon

We were so lucky to enjoy our amazing Sports Afternoon today!

All of the children took part in a range of races, including a bean bag race, cone race and a running race. Everyone won lots of stickers, and we had a lovely time in the sunshine!

Well done, Year 1, for being amazing and always trying your best this afternoon! We saw some great sportsmanship, with children cheering for each other and being proud of their friends.

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Year 1 Meet the Teacher

Please click below to view the presentation from the Year 1 Meet the Teacher meeting:

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Hand washing Workshop

Today we have had a special workshop from the Healthy Families team. We have learned all about washing our hands!

We learned why it is so important to wash our hands and how it keeps us healthy. We learned how to wash our hands properly so that they are very very clean.

We were so lucky to have a go with the UV Lightbot! We put a special glitter potion on our hands that flowed in the Lightbot. Then we washed our hands carefully, and had a look to see if we had washed all of the potion off. We were all very good at cleaning our hands!

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Welcome to Year 1T

Welcome back, Year 1T!

I hope you have had a fantastic summer, and I hope you are looking forward to lots of fun this year.

Parents – our PE day is Friday. Please send PE kits into school on Mondays and we will sent them home again on Fridays. 

Please read with your child each night for 20-30 minutes and sign the reading record.

I am really looking forward to this exciting school year!

Mrs Thompson

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