In Year 1, we do lots of exciting activities in our class. We always make sure that everybody is included in everything that we do.

Some new children in our class do not speak a lot of English. We make sure they are included in our activities, and we help them to learn English so they can join in even more.

Next week, we are looking forward to welcoming some new Year 1 friends from other schools in Bolton. We will make sure that we help them with the activities in our school so they can be included too!


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Reading in Year 1

We love to read in Year 1!

Our class author is Julia Donaldson and our class poet is Giles Andreae. We have read lots of books by these authors.


We read lots of books by other authors too. This week, we enjoyed reading The Queen’s Hat by Steve Anthony, as part of our Geography topic all about our country. What was your favourite part of this book?

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A Life

Today, we have been very lucky to take part in healthy workshops with A Life! 

This morning, we enjoyed a healthy living workshop. We did lots of activities about how to keep healthy. We learned about brushing our teeth, how to cut down sugar, how much water to drink, good exercise, and fruit and vegetables.

In the afternoon, we did exercise workshops. We learned lots of different ways to move our body, and get some ideas for exercise we can do out of school. 

We all had an amazing time!

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We are having an amazing week! We have been very lucky to enjoy some Christmas crafts, making amazing reindeer masks. 

We are all looking forward to our Christmas party this week – we are planning our groovy moves!

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Smiley Reward – Pantomime

Today, we were so lucky to enjoy a fantastic pantomime – Sleeping Beauty! We really enjoyed watching the show, and joining in with the songs.

Everybody worked really hard to earn their smileys and fill their first smiley cards. Super effort, everybody!


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Christmas Show

We have all been working so hard on our Christmas show over the last few weeks!

We performed our show yesterday in the afternoon and in the evening.

We were all so excited to get up on the stage and have a go at our parts. Everybody sang so well, and I am really proud of you all! Well done, 1T!

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Wow, we love Science in Year 1!

We have been learning about different types of plants. We have looked at parts of a plant – leaf, stem, root and flower. We went outside and looked for these plant parts on real plants.

We also learned about deciduous and evergreen trees. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter, but evergreen trees stay green all year. We went outside and identified these trees in our playground.

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Our Trip to Bolton Museum

Today, we have enjoyed our amazing trip to Bolton Museum!

We really enjoyed the coach ride to the museum. First, we went into the art gallery to look at the paintings and sculptures, and we drew our favourites. Then we went to the animals section. We looked at the compass points (North, South, East, West) and drew what we could see in each direction. After that, we walked down to the aquarium and we enjoyed looking at all the different types of fish.

After dinner, we took part in a workshop about how children in Bolton lived in the past.

Well done to all our superstars for their excellent listening and behaviour on their first Year 1 trip!

Can you tell me something you learned?

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Rocket Workshop

Today a man called Adrian came into school to show us lots of cool Science! He showed us lots of amazing science experiments. He showed us how to float ketchup in water, how to make balloons fly and he even showed us how to set off a rocket! It was amazing!

“My favourite part was the balloons” – Amelia

“I loved it when the rocket blasted into the corner!” – Leo

“I loved the rocket shooting” – Rayan

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Road Safety Week

This week, we have been learning how to keep safe around the roads. We have learned how to use STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK  to cross the road safely.

We drew our own road outside on the playground and we all practised crossing the road safely.

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Class Assembly

Today we have performed our amazing class assembly all about friendship!

We sang ‘You’re My Best Friend’ and ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me.’ We really enjoyed ourselves!

“Great assembly Year 1 – well done!” – Nicole’s dad

“Well done everyone, brilliant!” – Santina’s grandma

“Everyone did a super job. Well done 1T!” – James’ dad

“Fantastic assembly! Well done Year 1T! All should be very proud.” – twins’ mum

“Well done everyone!” – Lucy’s mum

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Poppy Workshop

Today, we have taken part in a workshop all about Remembrance. We talked about the wars and how soldiers died to protect us. We talked about poppies and why they are so important. We performed drama and dance all about Remembrance.

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Anti-Bullying Week

We have been talking about bullying this week. We have been talking about what bullying is and how to make sure it doesn’t happen in our school.

We know that bullying happens lots of time, by the same person who is trying on purpose to upset you. We know that bullying can be:

  • hurting
  • name-calling
  • leaving people out

There are lots of other behaviours that could be bullying if they happen lots of times on purpose, too.

We have started to practise our class assembly, which is all about the importance of friendship.

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School Links

Every year, our school links with another school in Bolton and we enjoy meeting up to meet new friends. In Year 1 this year, we are linking with The Valley!

We are enjoying writing to our new friends, and we are really looking forward to meeting them all soon!

If you are from The Valley, feel free to leave us a comment to say hello!

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Maths in Year 1 – shape

Year 1 have been working on shape in maths this week. We have recapped the names of 2D shapes, and looked at how many sides they have.

We used the BeeBots to help us practise shape names and direction vocabulary, such as left and right. We wrote programs for the BeeBots to travel from one shape to another, such as from the hexagon to the triangle.

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Geography – Compasses

In Geography, we have been learning how to use compasses. We found North, and then worked out where South, East and West were. We worked to pairs to see what was in each direction on the playground.

In the classroom, we worked out what we could see in the North, South, East and West.

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Autumn leaf hunt

Today, Year 1 have been outside on an autumn leaf hunt! We used a leaf ID spotter to identify what leaves we had found. We found:

  • sycamore
  • willow
  • birch

We also worked with our adults at home to collect leaves in our local area. We brought these into school and sorted these in the classroom.

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Smiley Reward

Wow! What an amazing afternoon we have had at the smiley reward!

We met a real life dinosaur! He was very big and a bit scary, but we were all so brave and he was very nice really.

We also worked with Joe and Sam to make some green screen dinosaur videos!

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Portrait Art Gallery

Over this half term, we have been working hard on our portrait skills. We have looked at where features are on our face, and how to paint with watercolours.

Check out a selection of our portraits in our online gallery!

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Toys in the Past

This week, we have been really lucky to be able to play with some real life toys from the past!

We explored the toys and talked about how children used to play with them. We compared the old toys to our own toys today. Some of the toys are really similar and some of them are very different. 

We chose our favourite toys, and we are going to do some writing about them next week.

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Maths on the Double

We love learning lots of maths facts!

We are working on addition at the moment in maths.

Next week, we will be focusing on remembering our doubles facts.

To practise these, please click the picture and put in the PIN code: th5837

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Story Writing

Today, we have planned and written our own stories. These were based on the Gingerbread Man, and we chose a character made of food who would run away and meet other animals.

We did some wonderful writing! Kai used lots of WOW words in his story:

Abigail used great finger spaces and checked to make sure all the words were in her sentences:

Well done everyone!

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Art – Kehinde Wiley

This half term, we are looking at the artwork of Kehinde Wiley. He is an artist from America who paints portraits. He likes to put lots of beautiful flowers and leaves in the background, and he was chosen to paint the portrait of Mr Obama, who used to be in charge of America.

Today, we tried to draw our own portraits of our partners in the style of Kehinde Wiley. We had some excellent pictures, but an extra special well done to Imogen! Her portrait has lots of amazing details, and she has tried hard to label the parts of the face she has drawn.


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Science – Minibeast Hunt

This afternoon, we had a fantastic time on the playground finding minibeasts!

We learned the words ‘vertebrate’ and ‘invertebrate’.

We found out that minibeasts like dark places. We were very gentle and careful not to hurt them, and we put them back where we found them at the end.

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Sports Afternoon

We have had a really exciting Sports afternoon! 

We all got into teams in the hall and enjoyed some super races! We were all winners getting stickers, and we had so much fun! 

Thanks to all our parents who joined us and cheered us all on!

“Fantastic sports day! All the children did brilliantly!” – Year 1 parent

“Well done to Year 1. Did really well.” – Thomas’ nana

“Well done Year 1. Great sports assembly.” – Nicole’s dad

“Well done to all of Year 1, fantastic sports day.” – Luca’s mum

“Well done Year 1. Brilliant!” – Xavier’s mum

“Brill sports day. Well done Year 1.” – Alfie’s mum

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Talking About Life in the Past

Today in Year 1, we were so lucky to have our first visitor of the school year! We met Mr Bowman, who is Miss Brewer’s grandad. He came in to talk to us about life in the past, when he was a little boy. We all wrote a question to ask him.

He told us all about schools, transport, toys and many other things. We are really lucky, because Mr Bowman said Oxford Grove is so much nicer than his school when he was a little boy!


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Description of the Gruffalo

Wow, Year 1 have been doing some amazing writing!

Luca has written a fantastic description of the Gruffalo – and he even used a simile! “His eyes are orange like fire burned.” What a superstar!


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Welcome to Year 1T

Welcome back, Year 1T!

I hope you have had a fantastic summer, and I hope you are looking forward to lots of fun this year.

Parents – our PE day is Thursday. Please send PE kits into school on Mondays and we will sent them home again on Fridays. 

Homework will be starting next week. We will send homework home on Tuesdays. Please complete this and send it back into school on Friday.

Please read with your child each night for ten minutes and sign the reading record.

I am really looking forward to this exciting school year!

Mrs Thompson


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The Gruffalo

Today we have been ordering and retelling the story of the Gruffalo. Some of us came up with our own sentences to tell the story. Check out Aaishah’s amazing writing!

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