Trip to the Beach

Today we all had an amazing time visiting Ainsdale Beach in Southport! First we went to The Atkinson centre to learn about why people used to come to Southport a long time ago and what kind of things they did. Then we went to Ainsdale Beach, we climbed sand dunes, made sandcastles, dug for shells and learnt all about the coast from beach rangers Jane and John. We had so much fun that some of us even fell asleep on the coach ride home!

What did you learn about the seaside?


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Lego Workshop

Today we took part in a Lego Workshop with Nick from Junior STEM. In the workshop we made a fairground ride out of Lego and used the WeDo app to programme our ride so that it moved.

The ride used an axel, pulley and motor system so that the ride could spin. We could make it spin faster and slower, change colour, make noise and display text. We had lots of fun!

What was your favourite part?

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This week we have been discussing Easter. We have discussed the Easter story, who celebrates Easter and how they celebrate it. On Tuesday we made Easter cards with Miss Khan and chose our own special message to write inside with Miss Cowell.

Did your receive an Easter card?

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This term in music we have been learning the song ‘John Kanaka’. Mrs Hudson has taught us the lyrics and how to do the Dosey Doe to match the song. In our final lessons we tried to play the rhythm on the drums and clap along. We have all really enjoyed Music this term and have tried very hard!

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Class Assembly

Last week it was our class assembly. We choose to talk about transport from the past and present as this is what we have been learning about in Topic lessons this term. We all had our own line to learn and even helped Miss Cowell to choose the songs we would sing! We were very good at remembering our lines, the songs and the actions to go with them. Well done Year 1!

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Bug Hunt!

Yesterday as part of our Science lesson we went on a bug hunt. We hunted around the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds looking for insects using special bug hunting equipment. We found lots of bugs including spiders, a woodlouse, ants, snails, slugs and the biggest worm Miss Cowell had ever seen! We talked about being gentle with the animals and making sure we put them back where we found them.

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Zulu Dancers

Last term for our Smiley Reward we had a visit from the Zulu Dancers. We got to watch them dance and sing during two assemblies and then we even took part in a workshop where we learned words and actions to an African song which we performed in front of the whole school. We loved this Smiley Reward! What will the reward be this term?

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Maths Workshop

On Wednesday morning parents were invited to join us for a maths workshop. We had lots of fun learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The children loved having parents in class to help them! If parents couldn’t come the children worked with a friend using number lines and counters.

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World Book Day

Today was World Book Day. We all had a great time dressing up as characters from our favourite books and Miss Cowell thought we all looked amazing! We did lots of World Book Day activities including writing about and drawing our favourite books and characters. In Maths we made graphs using information about everyones favourite Julia Donaldson books, it was lots of fun!

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Author and Illustrator Workshop

On Monday we had a visit from Liz Million. Liz is an author and illustrator and has worked on lots of children’s books. She taught us how to draw characters for a book using lots of different shapes, colours and techniques. We even had a go at drawing along with her. We all had lots of fun!

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