Parent Reading Workshop

Today, we held a workshop for our adults to show them all the amazing work we do in reading!

We did some phonics activity to show them how we learn to read different words with different spellings.

Then we answered some questions about books. We answered different types of questions and showed our adults how we need to do different things to work out the answers.

What was your favourite part of our workshop, Year 1?

Librarian Visit

Today we have enjoyed a visit from a librarian! Shah works at Bolton Central Library, and she told us all about the library and what you can do there.

We didn’t realise that we don’t have to be quiet!

She also shared some of the library books with us. We read a story about a crocodile, and a story about a troll. She even had a troll monster with her to show us!

Our Trip to Southport

Yesterday, we had an amazing time on our trip to Southport!

We went on a coach to Ainsdale Beach, where we had lots of fun building castles and finding shells.

After lunch, we visited the Atkinson Museum, where we did a drama and History workshop all about holidays in the past at the seaside.

Tell me what you enjoyed about the trip, Year 1!

Crime in Oxford Grove!

There has been a crime at Oxford Grove Primary School!

Outside 1T, some porridge was stolen! Somebody broke into our school and stole a small bowlful of porridge!

Year 1 investigated the crime scene and found lots of clues. They decided to check the CCTV.

We discovered it was Goldilocks! She is up to her old tricks again!

Year 1 did some excellent suspect descriptions of Goldilocks to hand over to the police, and they will get back to us when they detain the suspect.

Junior STEM Lego Workshop

Today we have enjoyed a workshop with Nick from Junior STEM. He has helped us to build our own fairground ride from Lego.

We used an axel and created a pulley system with a motor so that the ride could spin around.

We then used the WeDo app to program our ride. We could make it spin, change the spin speed change the colour of the light, make messages appear and lots more!

Mustabear’s Weekend with Khadijah

This weekend, Mustabear and I have had lots of fun.
When I came home 🏡 back from school me and musterbear had something to eat and got ready to go to my cousins wedding. We had lots of fun.
After my mum and dad took us to a dessert place 🍨 We chose chocolate pancakes. It was yummy 😋. Musterbear loved❤️the pancakes 🥞 and then we went 🏡.