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A Year In the Life Of Year 6

Year 6 has been an amazing year! We have done so much this year like going to Blackpool Zoo and visiting the Hindu temple. There has been some amazing smiley rewards such as the circus, the Zulu Dancers, the climbing wall and the rocket launching. Even though writing seems boring we covered so many fun topics like the rainforest, an argument about graffiti, mystery stories and spookie stories. Year 6 is great but you do have to earn your rewards,we have lots of writing in all of our books! When you get close to the end of the year you’ll face SATs. There is nothing to worry about, these tests are slightly easier than they sound,most of year 6 got great results !We hope you have a great year in Year 6.

By Jaime and Zany.

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A Year in Life of Year 6

There are so many memories that I enjoyed in year 6. I remember when we had rocket launching. I also remember when we had Greek workshop and we played Greek game. It was fun. We had custard cream club in year 4 with Mrs Buckley. we also had smiley rewards which were the pantomime, farm, climbing wall and circus . I don’t want to leave this school and I am going to miss this school.

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A year of the life in year 6

 Year 6 is amazing but you also have to work really hard as Mrs Caland will not take shoddy junk! Mrs Calland  is really nice and caring. There are tons of fun activities you can take part in during your time in year 6. We’ve done so many fun things like : parties, trips and smiley rewards. We all love doing PE with Miss Lowe and the new year 6 will love it!

By Bradley

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A Year In The Life Of Year 6!

Hi, my name is Aaliyah Buksh and I am writing my pupil profile for Year 6. I am 11 years old and my personality is that I am really weird and funny. I have three best friends and I have been with them since Reception. They are called: Karishma, Noshin and Zaara.  My favourite subject is English and my worst is Maths – sorry Miss Lowe and Mrs Day!

Furthermore, the best moment in Oxford Grove was when the farm came to visit because I loved feeling the sheep and feeding the goats- it was a great experience for me! The best activity that I have done was in Year 5 we went to Robin Wood and most of our class went and it was amazing but expensive.

In addition, my proudest moment was when I became a School Counsellor in Year 4 and I was really shocked and surprised. My proudest achievement was when I got 100% attendance in all the years in Oxford Grove and when I won the ICT award!

Finally, my hopes and ambitions for the future are to be successful in life and to get a good job and to work hard every single time. I still don’t know what job I want yet but hopefully I will find an amazing one!


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A Year In A Life Of Year 6

I have really enjoyed year 6 because we have had lots of trips and rewards such as: the graffiti artist, going to the Hindu temple, going to Blackpool Zoo, rock climbing, the circus, the pantomime and much more.

I would like to thank all the teachers that have helped us get the SAT’s results we wanted and we hope we succeed later on in life.

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A Year In The Life In Year 6

Year 6 has been the best year ever. I’ve really enjoyed everything like the trips, people coming in to speak to us, activities and everything that this school had to offer. I’m really going to miss all my friends and all the teachers. I just want to say a big thank you to all the teachers that taught me  from Nursery to Year 6. I’ll never forget this  school for what they did to make me feel proud.

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A Year in The Life Of Year 6

Oxford Grove has been amazing. I don’t even know where to begin!Let me begin with my favourite Year (year 6). In Year 6 are first splendid activity was a reward (obviously) called The Climbing Award,which we need to complete our smiley chart for. Then we did work in order to get more rewards.Once we completed our test we had the rocket science person come in it was really fun and funny, because the rocket landed on the roof. All Year 6 children have to give a big thank you to Mrs Calland for her hard work and successful work in Year 6.

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life in year 6

life in year 6  is the best year ever because we had the gaffariti artist come in and  also we had the climbing wall come in and we had the rocketscience  the rocket landed on the roof of the school. We went on a trip to the Hindu temple . We went to swimming and we learned how to swim on the last day of swimming we had  a pool party that was so much fun. We went to Blackpool zoo . We had lots of fun but that’s not it there many fun things 😂.We also had custard cream club.


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A year in the life of year 6

In year 6 we have done lots of fun things like: world book day, make football shirts, a Brazil day and lots more fun things. Some of the other things were smiley rewards: a big rocket came in and we got to launch our own mini rockets, we also had a climbing wall come in, a farm also come in and we got to feed the animals and we got to do Bollywood dancing. We have been on fun trips aswell like Blackpool Zoo and to a temple. Another thing we have is workshops. There have been fun ones like an artist came in and we got to make coral artwork, a graffiti artist came in for our topic on an argument between graffiti and no graffiti. I think anyone who is coming into Year 6 will definitely enjoy it.


By Kobie

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