Coach Matt’s After School Clubs

As we enter the final term of the year my After school clubs are still going strong.

Its been great to see so many children taking part in different clubs throughout the year helping to keep us all fit and healthy.

From Football to Parachute Club, Year 1 to Year 6 all of the clubs have been fun and enjoyable to teach and I hope you have all enjoyed them too.

This term we have Football Club on a Mondays with the Year 6 Football team.

Year 4 have been very lucky this term as they have 3 clubs going on during the week. Football club every Tuesday and then Cricket club every Wednesday and Friday.

Every Thursday the Year 1’s have been taking part in Parachute club.

What has been your favorite  club over the past year??

What have you enjoyed the most about them??

Have you learnt any new skills??

Were you lucky enough to win the medal??

Coach Matt

Athletics Summer Term 2

This term Oxford Grove have been doing Athletics during their PE lessons.

It is fair to say that we have quite a few up and coming Usain Bolts, Mo Farah’s and Jessica Ennis’s.

During our PE lessons we have been performing running events including 50M sprints, Hurdles and Relay Races.

Our jumping events included; Long Jump, the Vertical High jump and the Triple Jump.

Our throwing Events included; Javelin, Shotput and Discus.

Over the last few weeks it has been fantastic to see so many children enjoying physical activity and also learning about athletics and different Olympic events.

What has been your favorite Athletic event this term??

Do you know any famous Olympians??

If you were in the Olympics, what event would you do??

Coach Matt

Link Schools Afternoon

What a wonderful afternoon!!!

Today 60 children from Blackrod Church school visited Oxford Grove for a link schools lesson of rounders and team activities.

It was great to see so many children smiling and making new friends.

So the afternoon consisted of a meet and greet (cookies and a mingle) followed by 30 minutes of Rounders out on the field then 30 minutes of classroom activities.

Both schools behaved impeccably well throughout the afternoon and hopefully we can do it again some time soon.

What did you enjoy most about the afternoon??


PE & School Sport – Outdoor Adventure

This term Oxford Grove have been doing Outdoor Adventure Activities during their PE lessons.

These lessons involve skills such as Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Map Reading and Social.

All of these lessons are adapted to make sure our children are also Physically Active during these activities.

The activity which I enjoyed the most was the funny faces challenge. Our aim was to use the equipment indicated and map key to create the funny face accurately using information on the map.

Each Year group had the opportunity to complete this challenge but the most impressive year group were the year 4’s who showed all the skills required throughout the lesson.

What was your favourite challenge this term??

Did you enjoy working part of a team??

Here are some photos from our fantastic afternoon out on the field.

Coach Matt

PE & School Sport

Summer has finally arrived along with our brand new AstroTurf facility which Miss Harvey and the Governors have kindly spent a lot of money on.

Lunchtimes at Oxford Grove are filled jam packed with a variety of Sports and activities and its great to see so many children physically active.

On the AstroTurf and Grass the Year 5 and 6’s have been enjoying Cricket, Hockey and Football and on the playground the year 3 & 4’s have been enjoying Basketball, Tennis, Bouncy Hoppers, Skipping Ropes and Wall Climbing as well as many other playground games of their own.

We have even got our very own Referees and Match Officials courtesy of our Year 6’s.

Let’s hope this good weather continues so our sporty children can enjoy the best run lunchtimes in Bolton!!! 

If any children have specific sports they are wanting to play over the next few weeks then let Coach Matt know.

Coach Matt