PE & School Sport – Outdoor Adventure

This term Oxford Grove have been doing Outdoor Adventure Activities during their PE lessons.

These lessons involve skills such as Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Map Reading and Social.

All of these lessons are adapted to make sure our children are also Physically Active during these activities.

The activity which I enjoyed the most was the funny faces challenge. Our aim was to use the equipment indicated and map key to create the funny face accurately using information on the map.

Each Year group had the opportunity to complete this challenge but the most impressive year group were the year 4’s who showed all the skills required throughout the lesson.

What was your favourite challenge this term??

Did you enjoy working part of a team??

Here are some photos from our fantastic afternoon out on the field.

Coach Matt

9 thoughts on “PE & School Sport – Outdoor Adventure

  1. I absolutely loved today’s P.E lesson . We worked in teams, my team was Ben, Tamana, Romaisa and me! Thank you for planning ever thin miss Stockton and Coach Matt!

  2. P.En is a really good subject for staying healthy and learning how to play games so far in my time with oxford grove I found P.E fun and I love it some things I didn’t know I can do are now things I can do I love learning new skills every week .

  3. I enjoyed doing orientation because we got to work as a team. I also enjoyed tag rugby because it was about eye coordination and teamwork. All the P.E at this school is amazing and it’s all thanks to Miss Stockton for getting coaches to teach us P.E.

  4. I love doing P.E every Friday morning because it is my favourite subject and it keeps me fit. I love doing all different things in P.E like: football, basketball, tag rugby and lots of other fun things!

  5. Well done what a brilliant Idea for the children to keep fit and active really pleased to read this.
    Outdoor PE must be fun and exciting for the children they must enjoy this time.
    Well done and keep it up
    Great ideas!!!

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