year 5/6 Basketball Match

On Tuesday 6th December, our Year 5/6 Basketball team took part in a Basketball Tournament. How did you do? What was the score? 

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to parents who came to show their support! 

Thank you to Mr Vickers and Mrs Moore who also took the team to this competition! 

Moral development links: This competition taught children about code of conduct, etiquette, handshake before and after the match, applauding the opposition, fair play, unwritten rules and sportsmanship. 

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5 thoughts on “year 5/6 Basketball Match

  1. I loved basketball I played it in my old school .I was the best basket ball . I am so lucking to be in it .
    did you know we lost 2 and won 1 . I am so good at football .
    I even played against lime and his brother in year 6.
    I love the team Cleveland clevaliyand

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