Transition to Year 1!

Next half term we are going to be going to be in our new classrooms with our new teachers! It is all very exciting!

We would like you to talk with your families about any questions you might have or any thing you may want to know more about. We have talked about it in class.

Baqir says “will the work be too hard?”. – Learning in year one will be just as fun and you will be challenged as the learning in reception is now too easy for you.

Post any more questions you have and we can talk about it in class :).

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Super Spelling Reception!

Some of the children in reception took part in the spellathon!

What a fantastic effort children we are all very proud!


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Smithills Farm

All of reception went on a very special school trip! At the farm we fed the animals, learnt about how to care for the animals and even saw a robot machine that helps with milking the cows! What an amazing day we all had!

What was your favourite animal?


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Art! This week we have been creating masks to pretend to be our favourite characters!


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Purple Mash

This week we have been looking at magic spells and potions.

We have been using the computers to enhance our topic using purple mash!

Take a look!

Remember reception you have your purple mash log in stuck in your homework books so you can use it at home!

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Music Assembly

What a spectacular show reception!

How your confidence has grown from September to now! You are all nearly ready for your move to year 1!

We had so much fun singing, playing instruments and even teaching the parents one of our songs! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Your teachers are all very proud and I am sure your parents are too!

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A baby dragon at Oxford Grove!

During the half term holidays we had a visitor at our school. Miss Harvey checked the CCTV and saw that a small dragon had been sneaking around the school!

When we showed reception they thought it might be a baby and it might be lost!

We have been making posters to ask other children and teachers to look out for this dragon and if you see it to let us know!

Mrs Taylor has seen some dragon droppings around school so it must be somewhere!

The dragon has even been seen in Miss Harvey’s office and Mrs Day’s office!

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Military Activity Day

Today we had such a fun surprise!

Miss Harvey rewarded the children with a fun military activity day to say well done for all our super learning!

We had the best time! Even the teachers had a go!

Take a look:

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Life Cycle of a Frog

This week we have been learning all about frogs and their lifecycle.

Take a look!

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A Life Caravan!

This week we had a very special treat! We went for a visit to the “A Life Caravan”.

We had so much fun learning about different parts of the body!

We met Harold the Giraffe and we helped him to brush his teeth, comb his hair and have a wash!

Then we did some exercise followed by a little rest under the “stars”. It was awesome!

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