Wow! We have a space station here in reception!

We are so excited to get stuck in pretending to be astronauts!

We are going to let you have a sneak peak!

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Story Afternoons with Reception!

We would like to invite you, the reception families and parents, to come and join us in our special story afternoons!

Every Monday at 2:15pm from the 22nd January  -19th February (half term)

 We want you to come and be our guests at story time! Open your minds to the magic and wonder we share each day with our special story books!

We look forward to you joining us!

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Reception Music Assembly!

Our reception class music assembly was just BANANAS!!!!

Well done to all the children you are superstars! We even got the mums, dads and families to join in with our funky dancing and singing! I think I saw Miss Harvey dancing too! 🙂

We had so much fun and we hope you did too!


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Its Magical!

We are just so excited! This morning we found an elf door that leads to Father Christmas’s  workshop!

The Elves left us a very important message. We are all making so many letters now to give to the Elves!

Come down to Early  Years and have a little look at the elf door.. but remember not to touch, as the door is just for Elves.



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Pantomime – Beauty and the Beast


Our Smiley reward from the amazing Miss Harvey for all our super learning! Thank you we had so much fun!

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What people are special and why?

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This week in our R.E lesson we talked about what people are special and why?

We talked about different special religious people and also people close to us like our families, teachers or even doctors.

Baqir “Allah is special to me”.

Harvey “Mum and Dad, Michael and Tilly”

Mrs Sharples “Mr Sharples, Owen, Megan and Jayjay”.

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This week for homework we have asked you and your child to comment on our blog.

We would really like to know!

What food do you think we should have at our Christmas Party? Leave us a comment below 🙂

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Keeping safe in our classrooms!

This week in reception we have been making our own list of classroom rules. We talked about what would help keep us safe when learning in our indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Take a look at what we came up with –

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Fantastic Fireworks!

This week in reception we have been talking about all the different fireworks we have seen last weekend!

We have been making firework pictures and designing rockets.

Take a look at our finished rockets! they are out of this world!

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Sports Assembly

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