Its Magical!

We are just so excited! This morning we found an elf door that leads to Father Christmas’s  workshop!

The Elves left us a very important message. We are all making so many letters now to give to the Elves!

Come down to Early  Years and have a little look at the elf door.. but remember not to touch, as the door is just for Elves.



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4 Responses to Its Magical!

  1. Inaayah Javid's Mummy says:

    Wow! So exciting. Inaayah has been telling me all about the Elf door. She has been busy writing letters at home too.

  2. Alena says:

    Wow that’s amazing! I’m very,very grumpy that there is no elf door in my classroom but i wish that the elf door appeared in my class and in my house that would be even better.
    I hope you write lots of letters.

    How many letters have you wrote?

    By Alena class 3T

  3. 0272013gp says:

    did you have fun making the elf door

  4. Nabeela shakeel says:

    As soon as khirad got home she got a pensol and paper and started to write letters

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