A Life Caravan!

This week we had a very special treat! We went for a visit to the “A Life Caravan”.

We had so much fun learning about different parts of the body!

We met Harold the Giraffe and we helped him to brush his teeth, comb his hair and have a wash!

Then we did some exercise followed by a little rest under the “stars”. It was awesome!

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International Womens Day

Today we talked about how special women are – Luke “Mums keep us safe”.

They do lots of jobs “teacher, police women, fire women”

                       All women are different and special.

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Amazing Maths!

This week in maths we have been learning about money and different coins. Why not see if you can sort different coins at home! Can you say the name of each coin? 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1?


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Celebrating World Book Day!

Related image

Today we have been taking part in all sorts of activities!

We have been reading books, sharing our favourite stories with each other and even creating our own story books!




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Circus Skills!

Wow! we have been so busy having fun this week!

we have been learning circus skills such as plate spinning, juggling and balancing!

Take a look here!

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Bike Ability!

This week we have been learning lots of different skills using balancing bikes!

The bikes are special as they have no pedals! We are learning how to balance and how to move around on the bikes. We have talked about safety and how to be safe when on a bike.

We have had so much fun! Thank you Miss Harvey for our special treat and thank you Miss Dean for coming in and teaching us!

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Safer Internet Day

Today in reception we talked about what we use the internet for and how we could stay safe. We took part in 4 different activities.

Activity 1: We watched a story about “Three little monsters” who posted a picture on their school website. We talked about commenting on our blog and to always leave nice comments.

Activity 2: Helping Hands: We painted our hands to make helping hands and talked about who we would go to if we needed to talk to someone. What adult would be able to help.

Activity 3: We drew a picture of what we like best about our school – just like the three monsters.

Activity 4: We used “emojis” to talk about our feelings. We talked about how the “emojis” are used on the internet.



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Pirates have taken over reception!

Arggggg, we are coming to learn at oxford grove with ye land lubbers!

Take a look at our classroom as we learn how to be pirates!

We are having so much fun!

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Can you follow the beat?

This week we used the large drums to help us to learn how to follow a beat! Thanks Mr Martin, we had so much fun as always!

“First you make your fingers click, then you stamp your feet, both hands tap your knees and pat on the beat”.


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Wow! We have a space station here in reception!

We are so excited to get stuck in pretending to be astronauts!

We are going to let you have a sneak peak!

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