Digital Leaders 2017-2018

Our brand new Digital Leaders for 2017-2018 welcome you to the Digital Leaders blog page!

Check back here to see what we are getting up to and what we aim to achieve this year for online safety at our school.

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Meeting 20.03.17

Today, we have had a meeting to talk about our ICT Mark award assessment. We talked about all the Computing that goes on in our school and how we use ICT in other lessons. We shared some great ideas with each other!

We are looking forward to our ICT Mark assessment and speaking to the assessor!

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Spring 1 Activities

This week, the Digital Leaders have worked in their classes and led eCadets sessions with their teachers and friends.

Our focus this half term has been the theme for Safer Internet Day 2017: ‘Be the Change and Unite for a Better Internet.’

The classes enjoyed talking about how to be good digital citizens and be kind to others online.


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Meeting 9.2.17

Today, we  are planning to do fun eCadets activities with classes year 1-6 . We are also planning to be doing it in our classrooms.

We had a parent meeting at ten to three today in which we talked about online safety. Lots of parents came. We gave out some parent leaflets too.

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Meeting 2.2.2017

Today we are planning to doing an assembly about Safer Internet Day   and we are planning to gather the parents. We are planning to doing 2 challenges and working with different classes  on the laptops and some challenges without the laptops.

We are going to  do this for Safer Internet Day.


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Meeting 19.1.17

Today we have watched our eCadets training video about digital footprints and started to think about how we are going to complete our main activity. We decided to teach the other children in Safer Internet Week, when we will also have an assembly.

we also left comments on the bubble on the ecadets website.

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Digital Footprint

You may not realise every time you go online you leave a trail. If you are always logged into your accounts people could use your details!

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e-cadets challenges for 2017

In e-cadets we have been doing different challenges like blogging on the website and helping children. We are looking forward to doing more challenges. Can you guess what type of challenges we are  going to be doing???

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Meeting 12.1.17

Today we have discussed what digital footprint is, and researched on the internet.

We have also left comments on Bubble on the eCadets website.


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eCadets League Tables

Wow! Our Digital Leaders are doing a fantastic job with their pupil-led online safety work, as they are current sitting at the top of the eCadets League Table!

Well done, team!


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