Alena the E-cadet

I am Alena and I am in the E-cadets. The E-cadets are people who help people if they are stuck on computers and we help if they are on in trouble on the computer. I help people in my class who is stuck on the computers if they are working in the classroom or the Computing Suite. In class if someone near me is stuck on a computer I will help them and I will help people keep safe on the internet and I will make my class be better on the internet and computer. Today is E-cadets club. In E-cadets club we learn how to keep safe on the computer and how to help people keep safe. Alena 3t

Autumn term 1

The Digital Leaders are helping teachers in their computing lessons so they are safe and they know what to do. Mrs Thompson has made sure she sorted out the Digital Leader badges and photos. All the Digital Leaders are makingĀ  sure everybody knows their new role. We are also helping teachers with online safety when they are stuck.

being a Digital Leader

Being a Digital Leader is very fun using computers and helping other people on computers now that’s pride in each other . It is marvellous to have Mrs Thompson as my teacher and my Digital Leader teacher. I even help my Dad at home when he gets something wrong on the computer. Yeah it is very hard . Even sometimes I even have to help a few teachers not a lot though.

3T Alena