Week 4 – digital leaders club!!

In digital leaders club we have been trying to persuade Miss Harvey to let us have Go Bubble in this school. Go Bubble is a online site which you are safe on and it’s free! Another reason why Go Bubble is good is that you can only talk to people in your year. We did some collaborative writing on Purple Mash so that we could all share our ideas for why this would be good for our school. We will submit this to Miss Harvey next week.

Meeting 9.2.17

Today, we  are planning to do fun eCadets activities with classes year 1-6 . We are also planning to be doing it in our classrooms.

We had a parent meeting at ten to three today in which we talked about online safety. Lots of parents came. We gave out some parent leaflets too.

Meeting 2.2.2017

Today we are planning to doing an assembly about Safer Internet Day   and we are planning to gather the parents. We are planning to doing 2 challenges and working with different classes  on the laptops and some challenges without the laptops.

We are going to  do this for Safer Internet Day.


Meeting 19.1.17

Today we have watched our eCadets training video about digital footprints and started to think about how we are going to complete our main activity. We decided to teach the other children in Safer Internet Week, when we will also have an assembly.

we also left comments on the bubble on the ecadets website.