School Sports Crew assembly

On Friday 30th September, our Upper Key stage 2 School Sports Crew gave an assembly to the whole school.

They wore our Oxford Grove P.E kits with pride and their badges so children knew exactly who they were throughout the school.

They each introduced themselves and explained to the school what there role was.

They have been meeting every week to plot out our new clubs and competitions for this year. They have given lots of ideas after speaking to other pupils across the school. They also explained how they have loved helping out in our Sports Assemblies so far and look forward to the rest that are coming up.

Mr Vickers, Coach Matt and Miss Stockton helped the School Sports Crew within this assembly. They spoke about how important P.E was across our school and what their role was in improving this further. Mr Vickers also showed the school a Paralympics video which we all discussed. The message the video gave was to show children that anything is possible. They are all good at different things and we each support each other at this school no matter what.

Our LowerKey stage School Sports Crew also watched this assembly as they have been busy during our dinner times in supporting Coach Matt with the Key stage 1 children at playtime. They have been showing the children how to play games correctly and what skills to use.

Thank you to our teachers and the School Sports Crew involved in this assembly!

Keep active and let me know what you thought of this assembly.

Miss Stockton, Mr Vickers and Coach Matt.

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School Sports Crew

This week our Upper Key Stage two Sports Crew children have been very busy. We had a meeting to discuss our Sports Assemblies that are coming up for the whole school. We discussed what races we thought should be included within our afternoons and we ensured each class had at least 2 members of the Sports Crew ready to help them in their Sports afternoons ( your teacher will tell you when yours is 🙂 ). 

We also discussed what clubs we wanted this half term to ensure Coach Matt and Mr Vickers can help us with our Sporting skills. We will also be looking at entering some competitions soon so keep your eyes peeled for our notice board updates in the corridor. 

If you have any ideas or anything you want to ask about P.E at Oxford Grove, please see our School Sports Crew members. Their pictures are on our P.E notice board and they also wear badges on their uniforms in school.

Keep active, Miss Stockton! 

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