Year 4/5 Football Team

On Friday, our Year 4 and 5 football team played a match against St Joseph’s Primary School!¬†

Both teams did an amazing job and worked really well as a team! Congratulations to Oxford Grove for winning the match! We were very proud!

Thank you to all parents and staff from both school that gave up their time to support this competition, we look forward to future competitions ūüôā¬†

Celebration assembly!

Little Princess Trust

This weekend, one of our Year 5 children donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24, who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

We couldn’t be more proud! What an achievement!



On Monday 5th December, Miss Roberts and Mrs Bain held an assembly all about Hanukkah. We learnt about which religion celebrated this festival and what it was all about.

‘Hanukkah (also known as Chanukah) is the Jewish Festival of Lights and lasts eight days. It usually falls in late November or December. Jews celebrate Hanukkah to commemorate the Miracle of the Oil. The Hebrew word Hanukkah means “dedication”.’

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What did you learn Oxford Grove? 


School Sports Crew assembly

On Friday 30th September, our Upper Key stage 2 School Sports Crew gave an assembly to the whole school.

They wore our Oxford Grove P.E kits with pride and their badges so children knew exactly who they were throughout the school.

They each introduced themselves and explained to the school what there role was.

They have been meeting every week to plot out our new clubs and competitions for this year. They have given lots of ideas after speaking to other pupils across the school. They also explained how they have loved helping out in our Sports Assemblies so far and look forward to the rest that are coming up.

Mr Vickers, Coach Matt and Miss Stockton helped the School Sports Crew within this assembly. They spoke about how important P.E was across our school and what their role was in improving this further. Mr Vickers also showed the school a Paralympics video which we all discussed. The message the video gave was to show children that anything is possible. They are all good at different things and we each support each other at this school no matter what.

Our LowerKey stage School Sports Crew also watched this assembly as they have been busy during our dinner times in supporting Coach Matt with the Key stage 1 children at playtime. They have been showing the children how to play games correctly and what skills to use.

Thank you to our teachers and the School Sports Crew involved in this assembly!

Keep active and let me know what you thought of this assembly.

Miss Stockton, Mr Vickers and Coach Matt.

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School Sports Crew

This week our Upper Key Stage two Sports Crew children have been very busy. We had a meeting to discuss our Sports Assemblies that are coming up for the whole school. We discussed what races we thought should be included within our afternoons and we ensured each class had at least 2 members of the Sports Crew ready to help them in their Sports afternoons ( your teacher will tell you when yours is ūüôā ).¬†

We also discussed what clubs we wanted this half term to ensure Coach Matt and Mr Vickers can help us with our Sporting skills. We will also be looking at entering some competitions soon so keep your eyes peeled for our notice board updates in the corridor. 

If you have any ideas or anything you want to ask about P.E at Oxford Grove, please see our School Sports Crew members. Their pictures are on our P.E notice board and they also wear badges on their uniforms in school.

Keep active, Miss Stockton! 

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Year 5/6 Rounders Tournament – A team

On Wednesday 6th July our A team for rounders took part in a tournament.

For our first match we won . The score was 1.5 rounders to 1 rounder. For our second match we lost. The score was 4.5 rounders to 4. We were very close.

At the end of the match, we were presented with the Fair play award. This was given to our school as we played the fairest and ensured all children were involved.  We are a very inclusive team!

Thank you to all children and parents that were involved. You did amazing!

Miss Stockton and Coach Matt.

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Our Year 5 Football Team

On Tuesday 5th July, our Year 5 Football team took part in a tournament against other schools in our Bolton cluster. They worked really hard as a team. We ensured all children within our team took part in each match to promote inclusion for all.

Although we didn’t win every match, we ensured we congratulated the other teams and showed true sportsmanship.

Thank you to everyone that took part.

Miss Stockton.

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Year 5/6 Rounders match!

On Tuesday 28th June 2016, Our B team for rounders played against Gaskell Primary School.

Although we lost 21 1/2 to 24 1/2, we still showed a whole team effort and congratulated the other team.

Thank you to all parents/ teachers that attended and supported this match. You all did amazing!

Next Wednesday 6th July, our A team will be  playing in a rounders tournament.

Miss Stockton.


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FUNDA Friends

Year 5 and 6 were asked if they wanted to apply for a FUNDA playtime leader role. This role means that they would be working alongside Coach Matt on the Key Stage 1 Yard. They will help Key Stage 1 children to take part in sports activities and keep safe on the playground.

The children who applied, were asked to attend an interview with Coach Matt and myself today.

They were preparing as they queued up…..


Some children were very nervous……

DSCF5214 DSCF5213 DSCF5209 DSCF5214 DSCF5215 DSCF5225 DSCF5224 DSCF5223

Even Miss Strickland came to talk to the candiates …

Thank you Miss Strickland for your wonderful advice!

DSCF5220 DSCF5219

Well done to all children who took part!

Coach Matt was very impressed!

I will tell you tomorrow if you were successful.

Thank you Miss Stockton