High praise from the Director of Bolton Council

Hello Nadine,

I would like to offer my congratulations to you, your leadership team and your staff, as well as to the pupils and governors at Oxford Grove, on your brilliant Ofsted Inspection Report.

It is really encouraging to see the report acknowledging the quality of leadership and the drive and dedication of the whole staff team. Your focus on continuing improvement and helping your children to maximise their potential clearly shines through. It’s always nice to read that pupils have told inspectors that they have fun whilst learning and have great pride in their school. It’s really obvious that focused enthusiasm is a feature of the whole school! I always like to see Ofsted acknowledge how well our schools perform in terms of safeguarding and it’s great to see this element of what you do described in such glowing terms.

I would like to offer my congratulations, both personally and on behalf of the Council, to you and everyone at Oxford Grove.

Well done and thank you.