Football Vs Homophobia ..

Football for everyone

Today, Key Stage 2 experienced an assembly about Homophobia and how this is linked to football. This assembly used football as a means to communicate messages of inclusion to our children. Upper Key Stage 2 then took part in some workshops.

What did you learn from this assembly ? What did you enjoy the most? 

Miss Stockton x



5 thoughts on “Football Vs Homophobia ..

  1. Again, another great example of how the school is not afraid to have difficult conversations with the children.

    Absolutely great, knowledge is the key to success and we should make sure that children understand complex and simple factors that make us different, uniquely different. (”,)

  2. It is hard to stand up to bulleys saying that your gay and it makes you feel sad but if it happens, tell a teacher, your parent, or a friend in this kind of situation.

  3. If we see bullying going on we should tell an adult and they will sort it out don’t do it yourself or it might get worse.

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