Autumn 2 Smiley Reward – Pantomime

What an amazing afternoon we have had at Oxford Grove! We have enjoyed a performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as our annual pantomime. 

Well done to all of the children who earned enough smileys to fill the back of their first smiley card and attend the pantomime.

We are all now working towards our next smiley reward in February – keep it up, everybody!

45 thoughts on “Autumn 2 Smiley Reward – Pantomime

  1. Today was the smiley reward The Pantomime. The Pantomime was Beauty and the Beast. I only watched a little bit of the Pantomime because I didn’t feel well so I had to go out and read a book in the library. When I was reading my book I heard that all my friends were having fun. I heard a lot of my favourite songs that joined in singing and a bit of dancing. I bet it was lots of fun watching Beauty and the Beast. I also heard a lot of people laughing, screaming and squealing. I liked the pictures that Mrs Thompson put on the Whole School Blog, I bet everyone who was watching had lots of fun. Alena 3T

  2. Today the whole of Oxford Grove had a little treat, because they had filled up all of their smiley card. The pantomime performed the Beauty and the Beast to all of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. All the actors that performed in Beauty and the Beast pantomime were brilliant there was so funny and they sang lots of funny and enjoyable songs. My favourite part of the Beauty and the Beast pantomime was when all the characters and furniture started singing together, what was your favourite part? The Beauty and the Beast is a romance, fantasy book ( also adapted into a movie) about the young girl ‘Belle’ a bright, beautiful and independent woman, is taken prisoner by a beast in its castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the beast’s hideous exterior, allowing her to recognize the kind heart and soul of the true prince that hides on the inside.
    Did you know, Beauty and the Beast is the world’s 10th-highest-grossing film of all time? I think everybody in the school enjoyed the beautiful hat moving and funny pantomime. I hope it comes next year to even this year for our next smiley a word who agrees!?
    Thank you Mrs Harvey and all of the teachers who organised the pantomime for the school to watch and also well done everybody who filled up their smelly card and got their bronze award today, including myself!
    By Melody

  3. I really enjoyed watching the pantomime thank you miss Harvey for booking the pantomime . Well done to all the people who won the bronze award .

  4. My favourite character was the beast who locked poor Bell in his castle because he wanted her to un do the spell so that he could get that horrible mask of and live happily ever after.

  5. Gaston and the beast were all fighting over Bell but Bell wanted the beaset to win because the beast was kind of knise to Bell but Gaston wasn’t!

  6. Everybody wanted the beast to win because Gaston sent Bell the wrong way on purpose so then Gaston could save Bell so then Bell would like Gaston just what Gaston wanted.

  7. I enjoyed the singing because some of the songs was my favourite song and I sang to it.
    Was one of your favourite songs in the pantomime?

  8. What was your favourite part in the pantomime?
    Who was your favourite character in the pantomime?
    Did you have a favourite song in the pantomime?
    Did u have a favourite background in the pantomime?

  9. The pantomime was brilliant to all of the staff and children because they all laughed at the actors and especially Gaston made us laugh.

  10. While we was waiting for the actors to come out Miss Moor sang a Christmas song to keep us occupied so we didn’t get bored(it as fun).

    • I hope so too , I thought the pantomime was brilliant. My favorite part was when the beast said “if your a bogey I would pick you .” So l want the next pantomime to be Cinderella.

  11. it was realy good because when I saw the wolf I though it was a bad person but he was nice . I engoy bell she was realy funny with Gaston when she dance with him Gaston sid if she could merry and she hit him when he said he was the strongest and when bell and GASTON had a dacen of concert and I though that bell won when bell met the beast when Gaston kill the beast she was sad.

  12. The pantomime was so fun and also funny to lots off the children was laughing at the actors because they were doing funny things

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